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On the Bird Bath.

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Two Rainbow Lorikeets yesterday afternoon.

Brisbane, Australia.


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Thanks Allie - quite a few birds use it now we have our feeder up and running!!


Great shot Robyn! Love this photo! x


Thanks Jim - we have licensed carers here too, and they help rehabilitate all kinds of injured animals & birds. Good on you for doing the right thing with the baby squirrels:)))) Thanks!!

Thanks Florrie - I agree:)))


Rob , I should have figured that you couldn't keep those birds as pets. Its the same in the U.S.
Last year 2 baby squirrels fell out of a tree , I found a licensed wildlife rehabilitator to take them to. I was lucky to find her, were not allowed to keep any wild animals without a license either.


Thanks Gracie and yellowgal - we see them every day :))))

Ditto to what Graciela just said below!


I can't even imagine going out to my backyard and find such beautiful creatures! You are so lucky Rob to live in such wonderful country!


Thanks Gail, Barb, Florrie, Morris, Patti, Jana, smllpkg, Ginger, snooker, Suzy and Dave - the one on the right does look like he's checking out his reflection - or my rather amateurish tile job:))) I really appreciate all your kind comments:)))


They're admiring your tile work!! Me too. Nice job! Now they can see their reflection better which is good too.


Rain and Lorikeets! Doesn't get much better, does it?
(Well, maybe a margarita!)

They obviously like your bird bath.


I think one is admiring it's reflection in the water. :^)) . Sure are pretty birds. Thanks Robryan.


Beautiful birds.


Awww, love them. Thank you so much dea Robyn. Have a wonderful new week. Hugs and love ♥ ☺ ♥




They are such beautiful birds, Rob!
TFS!! :) :)


Great shot Rob and Gail said it the best :)))


What a great photo, Rob. You do know that you have all of us green (and red and blue and orange) with envy?


That's good news Nev!! Thanks - they stayed on the bird bath for all of about 30 seconds!!

Not very many that I've heard or seen Jim - quite a few people feed them though, getting them used to eating out of their hand. You need a permit to keep native protected birds here in Oz - but if they are free like these - no problems:)) I really prefer them free like this - they enjoy their freedom and we get to see them up close!!
Yes - I feel really sorry for Janet - her being such a keen gardener. Lots of farmers also missed out on decent rain, and I feel so sorry for them. Thanks Jim!!


Rob, do people make pets out of these beautiful birds like they do parakeets ?
Glad you got some rain, Janet in Gayndah, north of you needs some.


A great shot, Rob. We've had 127mms. this month (509pts.) which is fairly similar to your reading. Our gardens/lawns are rejoicing too!!


Thanks Chrissie - the noise doesn't worry me one bit - I'd actually wonder what was wrong if all went quiet:))) The rain was wonderful - 2nd weekend in a row and a total of over 120mm - 5" - all up!! The garden is very happy:)))

Thanks Cathy - I have to agree:)))


Great picture Rob!! They are so beautiful !!!


Gorgeous looking birds and a great shot, Rob. Noisy they may be but we can live with that for the fun of watching them in action. So pleased you had rain! Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain... :-)


Thanks Floyd - yesterday was the busiest - it was raining and they were all hungry:))


Pretty visitors. Nice to see.


They don't come much more colourful songbirdj - or noisy:))) Thanks for commenting:))

I never tire of them Laura - they always fascinate me:))) Thanks!
I'm still grinning about Sandy & Richard:)))


You are blessed to have these birds in your garden, Robyn!


How colourful! Wish I could see birds like this in SK.