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Apple Dumpling

24 pieces
51 solves
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Apple Dumpling doll found a new home with her sister, Cherry Pie!


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Thanks Tex and Ardy - glad you like them and enjoyed doing the puzzles. The weather's strange here today - it can't make up its mid whether it wants to snow or not! Strange stuff like tiny polystyrene balls keeps coming down from the sky! I stuck my head out of the window and there was a hissing noise where it's hitting the trees - doesn't sound like rain. Weird! Had a home check by our local animal shelter and I'm all ready to go see a cat I've settled on tomorrow. It's about an hour's drive so not too far but far enough! I really hope she likes us and we like her! Will keep you posted!


She's so cute. And what beautiful clothes they all have. Thanks for sharing, Nicky.


Beautiful face on this little one. Thanks, Nicky!


Thanks Roseheather.


Lovely name for this doll.