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Golden-rod Crab Spider (Misumena vatia)

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The Golden-rod Crab Spider (Misumena vatia) has been sighted in the following countries: Canada, United Kingdom, United States.

The Golden-rod Crab Spider has also been sighted in the following states: California, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Utah, Washington.

The Golden-rod Crab Spider has also been sighted in the following states: California, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Utah, Washington.

This information has been taken from a website called Spider I.D. ( It is largely user-generated information, so this spider might be found in places other than those listed. The information was taken from this page:

I took this photo on my neighbor's patio in 2016. According to my phone, it was the best photo I had taken that year. That COULD mean that this is a good photo, but it PROBABLY means that I'm not a very good photographer!


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Thanks, Wren! I’m not big on spiders myself, but if you read the write-up, you’ll see that I published it because Apple thought it was my best photo that year! I don’t know that I agree, but who am I to argue with a computer?

By the way, I forgot to mention that I like to maintain my anonymity, so please just call me “Elvis” or “EB”, or something like that. Thanks!

I’m going to link you to a couple of puzzles. One is a puzzle that I created for newcomers, and the other is that Frieda Khalo puzzle that I showed you.

I’m guessing you figured this out, but when you have a notification, it will show up in the square on the right-hand side of the menu bar. If you don’t have any, it will be blue with a “0” in it. If you have some, it will be orange with the appropriate number in the square. Click on that square and it will take you to your notifications page. Notifications can be any of three different kinds. One is new puzzles by users that you have decided to follow. Another is additional comments made on puzzles where you have left a comment. The third way is for someone to “tag” you to a puzzle. This is what I’m going to do for you. I will leave “@WinterWren” as a comment or as part of a comment. When doing that, you have to be careful. This will show up in your notifications as an additional comment, but not as me mentioning you in a comment. That’s because the quotation marks short out the system. Finally, the notification that I’ve tagged you will say something like: ElvisBanana has mentioned you in a comment. “ElvisBanana” and “comment” will be highlighted. If you click my name, it will take you to my profile page. You have to click on “comment” to read what I’ve said.

Okay, I think that’s about all for now. If you have any questions, you can just write them as a comment on one of my puzzles (the intro for newcomers puzzle would be good for that. If I don’t get to them in a timely manner, my buddy Mazy will probably answer them.) I’ll also see you in class...

Now, off to tag you on those puzzles!

Hello! Wren from tai chi here! Finally found out how to search for users, haha.

This a lovely picture, by the way. I’m not a fan of spiders, but I know a good picture when I see one!


Ouch indeed!!!

There are only two problems with your plan for me (which I think I would really enjoy, by the way!).

1) I'm not actually a good photographer. It was all in the technology - "smart phone" is an apt term! Not only did the phone do all the work, it was smarter than I was about recognizing the quality of the photo. I was just glad that some details showed up that I couldn't see with the naked eye. It was my phone that proclaimed this photo as the best one I'd taken that year!

2) I don't know what arachnologists prefer, but ornithologists opt for paintings over photos. This is actually true, as far as I know. With a painting, you can put the bird in the perfect position to see all of the identifying characteristics. You can paint an "ideal" version of the species, whereas real birds will have some odd quirk here or there. If that's true of arachnology, I'm out of a job!

Thanks for your comments, Andy. You're always welcome here at ElvisBanana's Funhouse of Photos!


See, you're halfway down the path to being a first rate field identifier. And with your fine photographic skills you have a leg up on some great naturalist of the past. Take John James Audubon for example. Photography didn't exist back then, so he had to use a gun instead, shooting every single bird he identified and painted. Ouch!


Thank you, Andy. Your words are too kind. Thanks for that link, too. That's a pretty incredible picture!

I don't know if this particular spider was full-grown, but as I recall she was smaller than the one in that photo you found. I think a wasp would have been larger by comparison. This spider, including the span of its legs, was probably about the size of a wasp's abdomen.

The reason I took the photo was because it was so small that I couldn't see any details. I wondered if it might be an albino, if such a thing exists in spiders. It was only after I took the photo that I was able to see the red markings and subsequently identify it.


What, you didn't plunk down a dime for size reference? Just kidding, of course... It is a remarkable shot EB, well done! She a very ghostly looking critter, I must say. I went poking around after I finished to see how big, or rather how small these beasties are, and I found this, so I thought I'd share it:
Thanks for the puzzle.




GOOD!!! Gives us all something to look forward to.



It's so funny that you posted that reply just before I posted my addendum. I hadn't refreshed the page, so I didn't know until now (an hour later) that you had left another comment.

I'm not surprised that you already know about the Tesla Powerwall. You always seem to be on top of things! It sounds like you've got it all figured out. Well, that is with the exception of how to accomplish it. But you do have a great plan!

I certainly will save up, and do a little research about what's in the Machias area. Thank you so much!!!


I forgot to mention that I have a funny flyswatter story.

My mother is so sweet, she never did anything to hurt my sister or me. When we were kids, we were generally well-behaved, but every once in a while, we'd really push her buttons. We definitely knew we'd gone too far if she retrieved her yellow, butterfly-shaped flyswatter and chased us up the stairs - threatening to swat us all the way up! My sister and I would go to our rooms, and before long we were talking through the walls and laughing about Mom chasing us with a yellow butterfly! We'd open our doors and lie down on our stomachs so our heads could poke into the hallway. We'd talk, and laugh, and agreed that we both felt bad because we drove Mom to the point of getting the flyswatter.

That was the most effective punishment I can imagine! Had she spanked us, we might have been left with resentment that she would do such a thing. By chasing us with the flyswatter, there was no way she was going to hurt us. We certainly felt bad about what we had done, because neither one of us wanted to make Mom so upset. That was better than corporal punishment by light years!


It's perfectly OK to call me Joanne. If you click on my user name you'll see my intro including my real name.

It's hard to say if we'll ever make it to Oregon. Jasper Park in Alberta, Canada is on my bucket list but as we get older who knows..... If we do get that far west it would make sense to make the rounds on the west coast including British Columbia where I have another good Jigidi friend and Los Angeles where one of Roy's brothers live.

Yes, we are definitely trying to put in solar and are currently seeking proposals. Our garage roof is metal and has very good sun exposure. I'd like a 100% house using the grid and solar. One of the reasons we are working with the current solar company is supposedly they can install Tesla Power Walls. However, unless they have them in stock, there is a one year waiting list. We talked to a different solar panel provider but he didn't have the education required to install the Tesla walls. I know we need two to power the whole house. My main concern is to have power for water and heat if the grid goes down. I don't want to depend 100% on the grid and prefer to avoid oil and propane for heating. The grid goes down more regularly in rural Maine than Rochester so I don't want to be left powerless. Of course, back up generators are also a necessity and I prefer propane for that. Since this is rural living there's a lot to learn. The internet is phenomenal for all this.

I always appreciate communicating with you because you always come up with ideas.

Take care and hope we'll meet someday. Save your pennies for air fare which is uncomfortable and expensive these days but we'll take care of things when you are on our premises. Just do your research and make a list of the things you want to do and see.

Love ya.


Should I call you "crashnot" instead of using your name? I don't remember that being an issue, but I just want to be sure. I truly appreciate that you remember to call me EB!

I did indeed get both emails. I read the first one, because I figured the second was just an addendum to the first. It didn't take long to figure out what happened. Believe me, I've done the same thing, as have most of the people I know. The strategy I developed to avoid that is pretty simple. I don't add the recipient's address until the email is ready to send. That way, if I accidentally hit "send", I get a message that I have to add an email address. Problem averted.

I don't know what to do about flies. There are those sticky strips that you can hang in various locations around your house that they'll adhere to, but I don't really know anything else other than a good flyswatter. My mom calls them NOF's - Nasty Old Flies!

That home looks wonderful. It might be a little much for the two of you, but that means there's plenty of room when the family comes to visit! My folks have a large house, but it's not a problem, so don't listen to the naysayers, if there are any. That's an impressive house for the price. Around here, a new development just went in (which I hate because it blocks my view of the town). Those places started at $350,00 and they had no land whatsoever. They are just cheaply-made cookie-cutter houses crammed together as tight as possible. I sure don't know anything about the location, or any other factors, but that house looks like an awfully good alternative to building on the property you have - especially if it's going to cost that much more! Around here, with two streams, ten acres, and that nice house, the asking price would be a steal!

My parents lived in their old house for decades with just a forced-air heating system and nothing to cool the house. When they remodeled in 1997, they put on an addition and installed heat pumps. I think they're GREAT, and they are much better in terms of energy use than air conditioning. If the heat is absolutely oppressive, as it can be in some of the southern states, a heat pump might not be enough. But for most people, it should work just fine. The other advantage is that it will heat your house in the winter. I am personally very high on solar power to generate electricity for your home. Most people who go that route don't have any way to store excess electricity, so they sell it back through the grid to the electric company. That's not a bad thing to do, but I might have found a better plan that could be used in conjunction with selling power to the city. Tesla, the electric car company, has developed batteries that can hold that energy for you. You can get enough solar panels to power your house, and the batteries can store enough electricity for seven days. That should be enough to get you through a tough spell. Here's a link to that Tesla battery (called the Powewall):

Aah, I get the Bobby Orr connection now. I never got to see him play, but I have seen videos of him. He was incredible! Too bad the medical treatments available now weren't an option for him. Just imagine what his career could have been had he been able to continue skating!

Canned pears would be great! Maybe I'll have to learn how to do that. My mother works them up and dries them, and that's work enough. Our pears aren't pristine, because we don't spray insecticides. Most of them have moth larva holes, which usually means there's a bug in there somewhere. So preparing the fruit means cutting out all of the bad spots. Even though that's a lot of work, we all think it's better than spraying toxins all over our orchard. You mentioned a greenhouse, and I'd LOVE to have one big enough to contain dwarf trees. I've heard that citrus trees will produce here if they're warm enough in the winter. I'm guessing a greenhouse might do the trick. I'd definitely want clementines, but the ones from Spain, not California! Probably some other kind of mandarin orange, and some oranges. I'd certainly want limes, and I'd squeeze in a lemon tree if possible.

It's so nice of you to invite me for a visit! I'll start pinching my pennies... September and October sound perfect! If you ever want to come out west, let me know. There's plenty of room for you here. I have to borrow a phrase and let you know that there's not a lot of recreation besides natural. But there's plenty of beauty within easy driving distances.

Love you, too, dear friend. You take care of yourself AND your husband! I'd love to make a trip out there, and I'd also love for you to come visit me.


LOL LOL about the Calendula. Did you get my email about the recipe instruction I initially omitted? I guess we're even on screw-ups. LOL

Oh, I know about citronella and it helps with the mosquitoes but not the black flies. We actually purchased one of those electronic bug killers good for an acre of land for Maine. It may catch mosquitoes (not black flies) but when you empty it all you see are moths. I kind of like moths - they don't bite. It's definitely not my sweetness - just ask my husband. LOL From what I've read about it is body chemistry. I love garlic but that doesn't work for me. One thing we do is spray Yard Guard but this is probably not great for us either but at least it's not right on our skin. I'll have to check out the website you quoted.

Maine is beautiful in September and October. This September was very warm for the 3 weeks we were there. We wore shorts every day except for maybe two days. It wasn't stifling heat. We are leaving again Tuesday so we'll see what this October brings. Last year October was chilly and we had a little ceramic heater in our 724 square foot living space - big garage. We rarely had the heater on full even in the evenings. I haven't been there in November so I don't know about that month but usually it's the same as Rochester. Depending on what happens with the last builder I don't know if we'll keep our property as a summer home and buy a house closer to Bangor. The builders we've consulted so far want too much money for our basically 1800 square foot home. We changed from a walk-out basement to building on a slab and are awaiting the cost estimates now. If too much, we may put in an offer, if it's still available on 4,000 square foot house with a metal roof on 10 acres with streams along both sides. The house is built higher up than the streams so flooding shouldn't be a worry. We haven't toured the inside yet so it may change.

It falls within our budget and even gives us room to change the heating system to one with heat pumps and solar back-up. They want over $500,000 to build on our property and that's just not gonna happen. It doesn't make any sense because it's not an investment. Properties, unless they're mansions just don't sell for that much. The county is impoverished.

Bobby Orr never played for the Buffalo Sabres, sniff sniff. They had Gilbert Perreault and Rick Martin who were both great players. Of course I was a Boston Bruin fan so when the Sabres played Boston it was heaven for me. If you never saw Bobby Orr skate try to rent a video of an old game. He was amazing and that's how I got interested. We were painting our house and my ex said to come watch this guy. I said don't bother me but finally went and watched and it was the end of my painting until the game was over. The only things we fought about (I left everything behind because things were more important to him than to me) were the cat and the hockey tickets. I got the cat and he got the tickets. I didn't mind because I planned to start living my life - skiing, tennis, camping, canoeing, etc. and I knew I wouldn't have time to drive to Buffalo to see the games.

Have you considered canning the pears? I loved the stuff we used to can when we could pick things for free. Roy's dad was a produce trucker and the farmers would let us pick in their fields once the crops were harvest. His father used to get impatient with me because I never wanted to leave anything behind. If we have a green house in Maine we'll probably be canning again. We'll see.

It would be wonderful if you could visit once we are settled. Our town is Machias with major towns of Ellsworth and Bangor less than 2 hours away. The Canadian border is also fairly close. You'll have to start your research now to determine what you want to visit in the area. In Washington County, there are only 12 people to a square mile so there's not a lot of recreation besides natural. There's a lot of hiking trails. NYC is yuck to us and Maine is all trees, lakes and rocky seashore.

See I can write books too. I'd better sign off before I totally bore you.

Love ya and take care of yourself. I want you to visit me in Maine.


I'm such a ding-dong! Calendula oil is good to TREAT bug bites, but I was really trying to come up with the word "citronella"! That's a commonly used bug REPELLENT ingredient.

Actually, there are lots of sites out there that give you recipes for natural bug repellents. Here's one search I did that produced plenty of results:

Of course, it may be the case that none of these will work for you. You're just so sweet, all the bugs want to taste you! Okay, that was a little corny, but seriously, you might just have a body chemistry that is so attractive to bugs that it overpowers the repellent properties of other deterrents. : (

I am feeling a bit better today. Thank you for asking.

Football was my first love, and will always be my number one sport, but hockey has rapidly risen to second place! I LOVE hockey!!! When I grew up, there was a progression of sports we'd play during the school year. For me, it was always football, basketball, track. I've long since determined that I lived in the wrong to play the sports I love most. If I could have chosen any sport, the year would have been football, hockey, la crosse.

What a thrill it must have been to have season tickets to watch Bobby Orr!! I didn't realize he was ever at Buffalo, but I actually know more about Major Junior Hockey than the NHL. We don't have an NHL team nearby, but we do have Major Junior. It's actually fun to watch those kids grow up, and even watch some of them become NHL stars!

I'd love to come visit you! Is there a time in Maine that isn't too hot or too cold? There's probably about one week in the spring and one in the fall! At least that's how it is in NYC, the only place where I've spent any time in the Northeast.



You are correct about Tom's and Maine. I actually bought Tom's deodorant because it contains no aluminum which has been listed as potentially causing dementia. There are many summer fruit stands that advertise organic on their signs as you pass by. Eggs are sold by the roadside for $3 a dozen and I can assure you there are no hormones involved and they are free range. When I talk about natural health in NYS I get that look like I'm crazy and then told "I'll take what my doctor prescribes". There is organic here but it's expensive and hard to find.

I'll have to check into calendula oil since this is the first I've heard of it. I'll try anything natural. BTW Avon's Skin So Soft is acclaimed but I put it on my arm and watched the mosquitoes enjoy a meal. As long as I'm around no one else by me gets bit. I left two different outdoor parties because I was getting bit so bad. No one else was being bothered when I complained. Once I was gone the party broke up because of the mosquitoes. It's so frustrating. GRRRR

I hope you are feeling better. Enjoy your football. The only sport I've ever enjoyed watching was hockey. I was a true hockey nut with season tickets to the Buffalo Sabres during Bobby Orr's reign.

You'll have to come visit me when we get settled in Maine. Love and hugs right back at you.


Dear Joanne,

If you are looking for this spider, bring your magnifying glass! At least this one was a tiny little thing. As I mentioned below, I never even saw the red markings until I took a photo and zoomed in.

I'm in total agreement about the bug repellants and sprays. I'd rather deal with a few bites than put that poison on my body. I'm fortunate enough that I'm only mildly tasty to the bugs. I typically will get a bite and it will itch for an hour or so. After that, I pretty much forget about it. But I digress (see how easy it is for me to start talking about myself?!!). I've never been to Maine, but based on the fact that Tom's of Maine comes from there, I would guess you have access to some more natural alternatives**. You can probably find something with calendula oil that will deter those little pests.

**I have to laugh about this, because I KNOW there are some states where the notion of organic food is a foreign concept, much less alternative medicine or bug repellant! I haven't been to all 50 states, but I've been to enough to assure you that I'm right about that. I hope my guess about Maine is correct...

I hope you are doing well. I'm hanging in there, despite the cold I'm trying to shake. I'm ecstatic that the heat of summer is gone and the cooler autumn is here. Not to mention the return of football! (I can't help it - I played the game clear into college...).

It's time for me to try to get some sleep. Much LOVE to you!


Hi EB, This picture is amazing. Thanks for putting it into a puzzle so your fans can see what you are up to. You should enter it in a nature photo contest.

One of the things about Maine which distresses me is the number of people eating bugs. I'm a bug magnet and I get many, many bites some of which show a slight allergic reaction. I also love examining all the different bugs and I'll be sure to look at the white ones (most are black) to see if they are a match. It will give me a reason to be more observant. I recently read where pure vanilla spread on the body with a wet paper towel deters the black flies which are prevalent in late May and June. Even in the middle of July I got bit and by then they are mostly gone. I hate putting poisons on my body since I'm sure it's a slow poison for me as well.


I forgot to mention that I took this photo so I could get a closer look at this spider. To the naked eye, it looked all white, and I wondered if it had any other markings. I also wondered if it was an albino spider. Do any of you know if that's possible?

Once I could zoom in on the photo, the red markings became obvious, and it was easily identified.