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109 solves
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I thought about the PFC when I added the frame.... there was no way I could choose anything other than this... its good to hear you had fun, thanks Kirsten. :~))


Oooh, the PFC are gonna love you for this one!! Thanks for the fun Mandy. :)))


Oh, that was fun trying to match up the parts! 6:18 Thanks, Mandy!


Thanks whatnauts - It would make sweeping the yard a whole lot more fun, that's for sure!!!


I wish these amethysts would fall on my front yard! LOL
This is lovely monza.


Judy, you nailed it perfectly.... it was planned as a random shower of amethyst kaleidoes to represent snowfall!!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it, and thank you for your lovely comment... :~)


Mandy, this is absolutely gorgeous. Love the color scheme and the placement of your kaleidos, if that's how they were created. It was harder than expected with the randomness and unexpected placement, but that is not a complaint; it adds to the fun of the solve. I think it's perfect as a holiday design, because it reminds me of snowflakes, each one unique (although I could never tell verify that during a snowfall LOL). I hope you are pleased with your wonderful creation, because it is a work of art!