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Lorraine and Great Blue

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This is my sister with a Great Blue Heron she rescued on the road with a broken leg today on her way home from work. She took him to her vet who hooked her up with an avian rehabilitator a few towns away. She took the Great Blue there. I'm so happy she rescued him.


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Wonderful story! Thanks for posting!


I was driving with my sister earlier tonight and saw a young heron by the side of the road. What fun.


Thanks friends! Heidi, I love that you feed your herons. Where do you get the tadpoles? June, I hope you often open your door to see a heron! Glad you all enjoyed this.


Great job, Lorraine! The world needs more people like you. I'm so happy you posted this, Cheryl. You put a big smile on my face. Thanks.


I love herons, we get the gray ones here, sometimes I open my back door just as one is flying along the river, so old worldy. Up on the Solway Moss there are loads of them sometimes just standing on one leg staring into nowhere.Also up there are geese that fly for thousands of miles twice a year to and from their winter or summer lands. We do so take birds for granted. Bed time now, have a good evening. June


they'd have a great time in BongaBonga


Great story! Thanks for sharing it. I love the Great Blue Herons so much that I buy bullfrog tadpoles in large numbers to keep my 2 farm ponds stocked for them. The herons just love frogs and tadpoles.


That is wonderful!


Thank you for posting such a feel good puzzle.


Thanks friends. I was so happy when Lorraine sent this to me. All of my sisters and I are wildlife lovers.


That is so good to hear. I am good friends with a raptor rehabilitator and they are wonderful people.


Blessings on you and your rescuee! :)))


where I'm from (Auckland NZ) we have the bird lady, a very kind old woman who takes care of sick and injured birds that people bring her (I've been there before and seen birds like parrots, herons, gannets even a penguin!) her house and yard are filled to the brim with cages of every sort! well done rescuing this handsome bird!


Well done, Lorraine! Thank you for taking the time to rescue the Great Blue.
A nice post, Cheryl. Thank you.