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Solitary Skater

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I saw same jigidi loyalists, Pkin and Hanne... I love this one, so pretty.


Thanks, Ank. This designer, Pat Buckley Moss, specializes in paintings of the Amish people. They are a religious group that believe in living with the basics. They do not have electricity, or automobiles, or modern farm machinery. They live and dress as they have always. They travel by horse and buggy; heat their homes and cook with wood; use oil lanterns or candles for light. There is a large group of Amish in the states both north and south of me.


An other beauty Ardy, thanks


You were busy here last night. Thanks, Pat. Always glad to see you. Hugs to you.


Have been busy just doing a few puzzles at a time. Didn't realize I hadn't been here for a few. Now I'm all caught up. Have a great evening. Hugs


You are very welcome,Pat. I'm always delighted to have you visit. Have a good night.


Awesome thanks Ardy for sharing


You're right, Dagmar. I love this artist's work. She has also illustrated at least 3 children's books about Amish families.


Hi Ardy things like this a unique little works of art and they are well worth keeping. :))


You're so right, Hanne. The folks I lived with had a young granddaughter who was often at the house. I decided to make a bell pull for her of animals. I think she was about 5 at the time. I showed her the pattern and told her about the different animals that were on it. She was politely interested but that's all. Than I started working it. One day her grandmother showed her what I had done - not much yet - that was when she realized that those black and white x's on the pattern would turn into pretty colors. After that every time she came to the house she went to where I had my stuff and would look to see how much I had done and compare it to the pattern. She still has the bell pull nearly 50 years later.


When you like doing it you need no patience - it's SO right - but the two other ingredients might be very useful!! Thanks so very much Ardy!!


A good light and a magnifying glass helped more than patience. LOL Thanks, Barb.


Another lovely work of art, Ardy. You must have immense patience to work the tiny stitches involved in these works.
Pat, I send my best to you and hope things return to normal soon for you and your family.


So glad to hear that Courtenay and Luke got home safely. I trust that Jessica and hubby are safe where ever they went. I keep remembering the storm in late June that had so many without electricity. Then the problem was heat rather than cold. I can hardly believe so much snow. I remember a few years ago when we had snow for Nov. 11 and one of the weathermen making the remark that while we like a white Christmas, a white Veteran's day was ridiculous. And you've got it even earlier. Stay safe. Warm hugs ((HUGS))


Courtenay and Luke flew back home earlier in the week, which was good, since they missed the snow--7inches! My son Casey, and Ania and Timmy, are still in a hotel, since they are without power and water still--and there's no estimated repair date... At least they found a nice hotel with good accommodations, and could afford it--lots of people here aren't nearly as lucky. I hope this is not a portent of things to come--it's only early November!

It's funny--we are still in a no-power mindset! We keep forgetting that we can turn on a light in the closet, and that making coffee isn't a big decision, the way it was when we had to boil water on the wood stove! But it's nice to be able to laugh at that--and then use the electricity! :-)))


It was fun except for the tree branches. They were hard. I have another one of hers finished except for the sky and similar outlining. But the colors were so close in shade to each other and to the material that I never was able to finish it even using the magnifying glass. It was to have been a companion to this one. Speaking of your daughter, are she and Luke still with you? How much snow do you have now? I can't even imagine how terrible it must be up in your area. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Oh, thanks for coming by. I missed you so much last week. Hugs


My mother collected many things--David Winter cottages, gnomes, Hummels, Precious Moments figurines--and PB Moss! My daughter Courtenay inherited several items, and the scenes are really lovely and peaceful! It must have been a pleasure to work on this, Ardy!


Picture designed by Pat Buckley Moss who specializes in Amish themes. Another thread count embroidery.