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More Freehand Circles Swirled (Smaller)

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And now the cupboard is bare. Sorry for all the repetitions of the same basic design, but that's what I had queued up, expecting to add new designs so that I could space these similar ones further apart. Alas and alack, 'twas not to be......


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Well, the situation with the computer is still the same. I'm going to see what I can play with on Bob's iMac, or maybe go back to the screeching laptop and make a puzzle with its old paint program, which I've done a few times. That was a year or so ago, and I wasn't very happy with the program, but at least it would be something. The problem back then was that I couldn't seem to post the puzzle from the laptop itself, and had to email them to the desktop, and then jig them from there. That,,of course, can't be done now, so I'll have to see if I can work something else out. At this point, I think I should just get as cheap a laptop as I can find that will work with MSPaint, and give up on seeing my files ever again. At least I would be able to make new puzzles that way.....

Thanks so much, Ardy, Lela (I haven't done any solving , but I'll check that out when I can!), Edie, Aishah, elizellen, and Rosie! :-)))


Flags are flying at half mast all over Jigidiland and we are all praying really hard that a solution may be found soon. And, yes, your son must do what is necessary to maintain his wife and child and his job and then help his Mom. Funny how we provide for them for many years and then we have to take a backseat to everything else in their lives---and the circle continues. I talked about this very thing with my oldest son today concerning his 16 year old son and the changes that are happening in their relationship now that my grandson has a girlfriend. As I said---and the circle continues.

Wonderful as are all of your puzzles. I too am sorry about your computer but since I only found jigidi this Jan, I can go back and work yours from way back and boy do you have some great ones.


This is a sad, sad day in Jigidiland. I sure hope you get your computer up and running soon. Otherwise, we may have to create a support group from those in pdevredis withdrawal.


I didn't see any twirling. I'm thinking he's been into the tadpole wine. Surprised he didn't snag himself on the loose wires. It's a sad, sad day here in Jigiland. If I had a flag I'd fly it at half mast. Thanks Pat. Hope to see you up and running sooner rather than later.


This one's a ZOOMER!........I'm zooming in and out, watching the inner part twirl round.........


If I get here early I can make the board - second place at the moment. I do love this swirl. If you were closer I'd send cousin Troy. I'm hoping hell have time to come by here today and adjust something (I don't know what) that isn't working right. I have a list of other questions as well. For your sake as well as ours I hope you can work something out. Good luck. I'm so glad you had this many queued up. Thank you.