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Derrick Nnadi, Super Bowl champ, dog hero....

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More than 100 shelter dogs in the Kansas City area found forever homes, thanks to Derrick Nnadi. The Kansas City defensive lineman used his Super Bowl 54 victory as the impetus to pay off adoption fees for 109 shelter dogs in western Missouri. Through his non-profit Derrick Nnadi Foundation, Nnadi partnered with the KC Pet Project to help clear one of its locations entirely, at a cost of $18,600. In addition, celebrity chef Rachel Ray donated a year of dog food to each adoptee. A big thank you to both!

On his Instagram post, Nnadi said "Hoping this is a good reminder to everyone to treat others the way you want to be treated and be the difference you want to see in the world."

Now, let's show some love for shelter cats...
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Most of those dogs were hard to place dogs, for the type of breed of dog, mainly pit bull. I do hope that the new owners and those adopted dogs have a long and wonderful time and life together.


Now that’s a champion :)


Thank you, mpp, for sharing this news -- I doubt many of us would know this. It's something to know that Derrick Nnadi celebrated his Super Bowl success by helping shelter dogs to find new homes. And mpp is right -- time to support cats waiting for adoption.


Heart warming! I feel so for the animals.


Thanks for all your comments - I truly appreciate the time you took to respond. I was surprised to read this story - if this guy had gotten a DUI, it would be in the news for three days. Just wanted to thank a decent man...


A lovely story, MPP, thanks for posting this. Love, Carol


I am planning to have one custom made, using real lava.


msbonne, don't forget the lava lamp...


Sweet pic, heartwarming story. Thanks for sharing mpp.


I would do these kinds of things, but I am saving up for a solar powered black light for my sloth cave.


'Morning, Max! I agree - he'd been doing this on a smaller scale, but this was his way of celebrating. He's a person who realizes money can do more than buy stuff you'll never need. Congratulations to Nnadi, congratulations to the dogs...


Very commendable!

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