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THEME ~ Birds

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Does anyone know what sort of bird this is??? :)))


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Hi Robbie ~ Thanks for this great info!! Birds sure are interesting creatures!! :))))


This is an adult Cattle Egret cakes, the plumage turns from white to this orange colour on it's crown and breast, the legs turn bright red just during the breeding season. They are a stout bird with a thick but short neck and a hunched appearance. The young are all white with black beak and legs. Unlike other Egrets and Herons they don't frequent water spots but follow cattle in dry grassy areas. They feed off tics and insects on and off the cattle. They originate from Asia, Africa and Europe but found worldwide now. Beautiful and fun puzzle, thanks.


Hi cakes, I am starting the puzzle now, I believe this could be a Cattle Egret, maybe a young one. I'll see if I can find out for sure.


Hi Mary ~ I can't say much about the do.....mine is a wreck all the time. LOL


What a hairdo & what a beak !!! Thanks, Joyce; it was fun....