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Nine Kaleidoscopes

49 pieces
131 solves
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Deborah, you are quiet welcome :-)


Gail, so glad you found some favorites. Thank you for doing the puzzle. The top right one seems to be well liked. If I can find it again, I will post it :-) And I agree, the center bottom one does indeed remind me of the glass orbs!!!


Love it! Thanks Kathy! :)))


These are gorgeous! I especially like the right bottom and top. And the center bottom row looks like one of those glass orbs one puts in the garden. Thank you for a great puzzle!


Ardy, so glad that you enjoyed them also. At some point, I may try and post individual puzzles. I don't know how Kirsten keeps track of who likes which puzzles LOL She liked several in a collage that I posted a few days ago, and I thought about posting them as individuals. Then after looking at the puzzles, I got so confused and was afraid that I would post the wrong puzzles. I don't keep records very well unfortuantly. Maybe one day :-)


Mandy, thank you too my dear :-)


Thanks so much Kirsten! I have been wondering what everybody talks about when they mention style and your comment just gave me some insight. Thank you so much!!!!!


Kathy, these are beautiful just like Kirsten and Mandy said. My most favorite would be the top right. Love that one a lot. Thanks so much.


Kathy, as Kirsten said, these are beautiful. Thank you :~)


Love these kaleidos Kathy!! They have your trademark glow and gleam and depth!! So, so beautiful. Sigh. Thanks. :)))