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"Pops" - Ready for today's parade.

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Hey David, yes, one is the American flag, the other Bermudian flag. I'm not sure why, I know my grandfather wore them as well, I'll ask tonight. Good eyes mate. I only wear animal T-shirts!!


Are those little flags next to his poppy?


Will do YO, thank you, I was just checking out your ginger cake recipe!

Proud handsome man. He looks far younger than 87! Thank him for me Robbiel.


He says thanks and back at you Marilyn, thanks.


Hiya, Pops! You're as good looking as ever. Big hello and hug from Marilyn.


Hi Nova, yes dad was young, he tried early but could not get past the recruiters. I think he went in 42 or 43 and came home end of 46. That is amazing, thanks.


He must have been pretty young, this gunner in the Royal Navy; congratulations to him & you!! My Dad served in the Canadian Army in the First World War and he would be 125 if he was still alive. Amazing.....


Thank you SMor, he and his buddies appreciate it.


Many thanks to your father and his buddies.... God bless.... and big hugs.... :) :)


Thanks lajuin, left a comment for you and Lou. Thank you Hester, Pops was a gunner in the Royal Navy on destroyers and a minesweeper.


Deep respect and gratitude to your pops, Robbie. :-)


A very nice pic and notes about his fellows. I am tken by his great posture. You may be interested in another of the vets.


Hi Hanne, thanks very much, everyone is surprised by his age!


What a handsome and stately man! 87?? Fabulous!! Thanks so very much Robbie!!


Yes Kathy we were warned that the wild sisters were on their way!! Crystal Cave staff are still talking about your disruption!! It was so nice meeting another jigidi friend and sis, glad you didn't have the other drink!!! Hee hee.
Thank you Shirley, Pops has enjoyed hearing from you all........He is still wondering what his son is doing making jigsaw puzzles and how you all receive them......He is not a technology fan!


Very nice to see a wonderful gentleman, standing so proud at 87 years of age, and so many people proud of him for a job well done back then, many thanks for sharing this proud moment with us Robbie. ( with thanks from me too, to your Dad )


Ha! Now I understand why you put him on a quick plane out of there before sis & I arrived!! Handsome indeed!!
I was not aware that other countries celebrated Veteran's Day as well. Happy to see that & thanks for enlightening me!


Thank you PLG, Celeste, PPM and OM. We are grateful to many like him.


Many thanks to your father for making this world a better place.


Impressive array of medals!


Very nice.


Thank you for your faithful service, father of Robbie.
And thank you for the post, Robbie.


Thank you petrados, JB, bookish and Ank. Dad just came back from his dinner and thanks all of you for your comments and sends his best wishes. Yes for those of us who still have parents around, we are very lucky.


He sure is good looking.
I want to thank him for doing his job in that war. Without young man like your father I would not live in freedom. So please give him a big hug.


Good looking gentleman. You are rightfully proud of your father. Robbie, thanks for posting.


Robbie - your dad and mine are the same age. I am sure you are as proud of your dad as I am of mine. Tell him thank for me! What a wonderful thing to have them still in our lives. (must be the good cooking! :) )

In Belgium, we remember the battle of Bastogne, many tanks.


Thank you Tex, PKH, BJ, Mimi, gem and PD. Every year I get comments from locals how upright pops looks in the parade. Yes gem that is true but we will have many memories to pass along from them. I will continue feeding him well, who knows?....He may outlast me!!


He looks strong and handsome, and he has a proud bearing, as well he should, given his military service! Thanks to your father for what he did, and to you for posting this, Robbie!


Thank you, Robbie's dad!

Even at the very last service my father attended, despite Parkinsons, I had to help him stand in front of his wheelchair for Last Post. We will not see their generation again.


We owe so much to our veterans. Say thank you for me too!


Wow, good looking veterans


Pops is a striking looking gentleman. Thank him for his service,
Keep feeding him well and taking care of him!


Fine looking Vet! God bless him!


Thanks Graci, chickie and Lela. Will pass on comments. He eats VERY well!


Must be the food.........


He looks great Robbie. Please thank him for his service!


Robbie, thanks for posting! He looks so great!


Thanks Morris and PK, yes he sure looks good for his age.


Wow, he looks great for 87!!


Thanks Robbie for posting. So proud of all the Veterans today. Hugs


Pops will be 87 next month and is the youngest Bermuda veteran from WWII. Not many of them left now, but they will lay their wreaths and have their dinner together as they have done every year since 1946. Our thanks and best wishes to all veterans throughout the world today.


He's looking good!!!