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I couldn't agree more.

I have had three dogs in my life. I understand.

That it is, Love is love in what ever from it takes.


@Ianto Never had to give a pet up. But have had to put them down and see them die. The price of love is high. julie

I could, but I could not end up giving them up.


Thanks Diana.


My teddies are teddy guinea pigs, not hampsters. They have short, dense, somewhat kinky coats, and they're adorable. You can find some excellent pictures of the teddy guinea pigs here, and you can click on the names of the other breeds to see pictures of them:

Btw, we had hamsters once years ago, and we didn't particularly like them. They sleep during the day, they're lacking in personality (at least, ours were), and they're just too tiny to cuddle.


Oh Diana, this sounds dangerous for an addictive person like me. I already have a mini-schnauzer addiction. Ladyjane by the way is hypoallergenic and totally black. I can't even look at puppy pictures without an attack of puppy lust. My husband has been campaigning for hamsters and the teddies sound awfully cute. Guess I'll have to tell him. All that holds me back is we have 3 feral cats.


Google them, and you'll find plenty of pictures. My daughter has long-haired breeds (silkie, silkie satin, Peruvian, Peruvian satin), and my son and I have short-haired breeds (teddy and teddie satin). There are 13 recognized breeds in the show world in the US, but there are several more breeds that are showable in Canada. Btw, the babies are born with a full coat of hair and with their eyes open, and they're ready to bounce and play just a few hours after birth. Really sweet animals!


Okay, showing guinea pigs is new to me. As are REAL skinny pigs. I must tell my kids. I've seen hairless rats and held them, but not the guinea pigs.


Well, Julie, there is a breed of guinea pigs called skinny pigs. They're simply hairless guinea pigs, and they're quite unusual looking. And no, we don't have skinny pigs (never wanted one), but we do have purebreds of other breeds and have shown some in years past.


@Ianto You can always foster.
@bamapuzzler2 When my kids were little and didn't quite understand, they said "skinny pigs".
Seems to work, doesn't it ?


Cute. My daughter is allergic to animals with fur, so we have pet guinea pigs. They have hair instead of fur, and they're really sweet animals except for an occasional one with an attitude problem. ;)

At least you still have them to hug.
You need to do what is best for you and them.
I hope so. Not a puppy, maybe an older one. Thanks.


The 2 I have now, Lollipop and Jane are elderly, so am I. These are my last and I love them dearly, but I won't have anymore. Since you are a dog lover, I think one will find you when the time is right. Best of luck.

That they are, big time.
My first was a Westie, my second was a mix.
I don't have one at this point in my life.


5 for us. All rescues except one. I let my husband have 2 beers on an empty stomach in the mall and he latched onto a Lhasa=Apso pup and I had to buy her to get him home. We have 2 now, a Shi=Tzu and a Mini=Schnauzer. That's in addition to the others. Great, aren't they ?

I have had three in my lifetime.


I completely agree with you, Ianto.

They are better than people.


@Ianto It's always worked for me.

That will work.


@mila71 Won't he share, you know, like divorced parents ? Or, there are always good ones awaiting adoption..........


TFS, I am afraid I can't because my son took the dog to live with him.


@OhBoi I have 2, so I know what you mean. Love your puzzles. Welcome to Jigidi. You will find many dog lovers here.


Julie, my dog sleeps in bed with me, so some good hugging is required as part of the getting up process. It is a fabulous way to start my day!


That's so sad, krickle, but sometimes it's the only thing to do.


@krickle We're a bunch of dog lovers here. Cats as well. Do you have a picture of your dog? Whoops, I forgot to ask. Do you have a dog ? I have 2, a ShiTzu and a Schnauzer.


Ellen, who can keep track! LOL!


LOVE this! Sorry I didn't see it before.


And the dog likes it too, cakes.


It sure does work and just hug him/her any time!!!! ;)))))


Great comments from those who know: dedicate, jason, and Maria


Agree :-)))


Love this!!

It works!