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Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver

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What a story!!!


Yes, pumpkinhead. It is a busy street. Victoria Park is down at 7th and Lonsdale - near the statue of the horse. That's where I saw a coyote walking through the park and he crossed Lonsdale!!! It was a quiet Sunday morning but still one car stopped and the driver watched him for a long time. And a lady about to enter the park with her dog on a leash stopped and waited and watched until he had left the area. I saw a man with a small dog two minutes later and I warned him to be careful but he had already seen the coyote. So he was totally alert.


A busy place.


Hi Ank. I'm glad you like the picture. I like both close ups and busy shots but my favourites are pictures that the person has taken and some extra information or a story in the comment section.


Lovely photo Cathy. I like pictures with more things best. I mean a tree is beautiful, a house is beautiful. But a photo with a house and a tree is very beautiful. And this has houses trees cars a road and clouds. That's what make a photo a great puzzle photo. Thanks


Hi gemstone. OK, I'll take a picture of it the next time I'm in that area. Did you know that Bryan Adams worked there way before he became famous ?


You'll have to get a shot of the Tomahawk Restaurant...if they'll let you.


Hi roseh! Nice to meet you and thank you for your comment !


I used to lived there 40 yrs ago, it's good to see so many trees, N.Van has grown up.


Hi JC. Thanks for yor comment. Yes, the city is growing rapidly. In 2001 the population was 44,303 and now it is 51,083.


first place babyyyy


Nice picture, cevas. I love the contrast between the trees and the traffic.
I see a crane in the distance. Is there a lot of construction still going on?


I took this one on Oct 19th. The little park that was yarn bombed is to my right, out of the picture.