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Eat A Peach....With a little story

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The Allman Brothers from years ago came to mind. At the Manassas Farmers Market, many stalls had peaches...yellow ones, white ones, donut ones, cling free, organic spray free, and more including Nectarines, fuzzless for Suzy. $1.39/lb. And all of these were picked in Madison County, just 30 miles away.

I got five yellow cling free peaches for a reason. A few weeks ago Robyn(Robryan) posted a recipe for a peach tea cake in jigidi:

I committed to making it, my desires were in control and I like to cook. I got some peaches and they turned out not to be so good quality, but still better than store bought. I made the cake and it didn't turn out well. Too much batter for the pan, to many peaches in it and...anyway, I committed to making it again. So here was my chance... I got peaches here, sliced one in half and ate half. YUMMY! Excellent peaches! Top notch! So either today or tomorrow I'll make the cake again and hopefully have a photo for you tonight or tomorrow night.


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We have a Farmer's Market that is open only on Saturday from 10:00am - 2:00pm. It is great for berries and the wonderful peaches - from the Yakima Valley - fruit bowl of the state. Even if the store says the peaches are from our state, they are still not good - think it is all in the pickin' - these are picked already ripe and ready to eat. So far, we are just having them with ice cream, but would take a piece of your cake if any is left.


I guess the local market must take them all in, Beekay. It was a good growing year here, to, this year.

I'm glad this is an easy one vfdl as I've never been much of a baker, except for quiche, etc., etc., ...

Hi Kat! They were excellent this year-the growing season was very good.

THey were that juicy, Robyn!!!


Thanks schwartzy, its a good form of mouth watering!

I'd just never heard of it before, Suzy, so it stands out.

I know, Lyndee, just giving myself some "cook" leeway! :)

THanks Patti be prepared!!

THanks for the comment Ellen!


You started out with really nice fruit Dave - I'd like to sink my teeth into one of these...juice running down my chin:))) YUM!!!


Oh, I've never been much of a cook/baker, Warbs, so good luck. Those peaches look positively scrumptious, though, so they would be fine all on their own for me. Enjoy!


Have fun with the baking and enjoy the results. . . .LOL!


Will be looking forward to seeing the results of your baking.
I sure wish some of those peaches would make their way up to my neck of the woods!!


Ha! I printed that puzzle out when it first appeared. It sounds wonderful. I love virtually ALL forms of fruit, but peaches are right up there on my list! Happy feasting, Warbs!


Ooooooh, will love to hear how it turns out!!!!


That's a lot of peaches. Wish I had one.
BTW - you're actually allow to post after 23 hrs.......shhhh, don't tell anybody!!!!


Thank you for the story AND for remembering the fuzz thing. I went right to the narrative....can't solve this one. :( Sorry,Warb!


Well, you got my mouth to watering!!!!!!


Actually I just checked and I can't put on puzzles till 9pm!


It's in the oven...due out in 35 minutes, Florrie.

Barb is first in line! Actually, Barb, the batter is quite thick and quite tasty as is! I know!

My fingers are crossed, Ginger. Thanks

Try again tonight, snooker. I hope it turns out.

Bigger pan and less peaches, Cathy. I hope the bigger pan doesn't mess it up.

I'll call you off the beach, smllpkg, you can doff your snorkel and mask, and have a piece, I hope.

Like Robyn said, its pretty easy to make and so there will be plenty, Floyd!!

Thanks Janet, 30 minutes and counting.


These look wonderful. I LOVE peaches - a summer fruit here too, so none now. Good luck with the cake this time Warbs. Hugs, Janet


I am looking forward to your peach tea cake.
I hope you make some for the folks on Jigidi.
With thanks to Dave


Shall anxiously await your culinary efforts. Hope it turns out better for you this time.


Wow!!!! They look soooo good!!
I am eagerly anticipating the peach tea cake ...
Will you use a bigger pan this time ... or make two smaller cakes??

Can taste it already.


Temptation your name is DAVE. LOL It surely will taste heavenly with just a little luck my friend. :O))


I will have a piece of it (even before it is baked, I know I will want it......LOL) Thank you, Dave...LOL


Thanks travelia, I like how you worked your jigidi name.

My fingers are crossed, jyl...Thanks.


Eagerly awaiting your results. Happy baking!


Thanks for the picture and.. the story!