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Thanks yellow, the teeth aren't so bad looking.......Heh heh.

My oh my, what an interesting pet to have, how fortunate you are! From this view I like its markings & color, but I'll pass on seeing its teeth, thanks.
Do let us know when you decide to give it a name (it could be a unisex name)!!


Hi Nova, yes there is a ledge and small cave where he lies hidden. I have eaten small eels on the Norfolk Broads when I was at boarding school in the UK. One of my mates's father owned a pub there and eels were the specialty, I really liked them. Thanks. These are eaten here mostly by the Portuguese, they can be quite bony.
Thanks bloorox, he has been coming around for several years, well we are fairly certain it is the same one, thanks.
Sure was PK, thanks.
Oh yes Hanne, they can leave a nasty bite but are not aggressive unless disturbed. He is roughly 4 feet long - 1 1/4 metres? Thanks.
Oh but I would make it the lighter green PKH, thanks.
Yes I would too Rob, thanks.
It sure is Mimi, you all have given me a lot of enjoyment, thanks.
Pet was probably the wrong word Healer, thanks.
Hey Morris, yes the longest recorded was about 8 feet or 2.5 metres and weighed about 65 lbs. Thanks.


Do they get much bigger that that? I wouldn't jump in there either mate!


OMG! Robbie! Cool shot! That's some pet!


It is a great thing to see so many wonders here on Jigidi, and to hear comments from those who have experienced them. Go Jigidi!!!


Great shot Robbie!! Lucky you! I've seen a few Morays while snorkelling, but I'd give this fella a wide berth! Thanks.


Shirley-Before I read the comments, yours was the one I was going to make.
I don't find him a very attractive subject for a tattoo. :)


Be careful if you catch them - the smaller ones are able to bite very hard so what is a fellow like this able to?? How big is he do you think?? Thanks so very much for showing, it's very special, Robbie!


That's amazing. You were in the right place at the right time Robbie.


Cool photo, Robbiel! And a very interesting visitor, although not very pretty :) And not very small either, I guess...


Amazing....I presume it's much longer than can be seen. I used to eat fresh eels once when I was near where I could catch them.....very small compared to this, of course. They were delicious......Not trying to give you any ideas, Robbie. Anyway, you're too attached to him now.


Yes Celeste, that is a good one too. Thanks.
Hi snooker, good observation. They were bubbles caused by the eel just below the surface. The tide was so low his hole was almost out of water. The sun was shining there as well, looks just as you described....pearls. Thanks.
It sure was chickie, thanks.
Yes Shirley, actually the next picture a bit brighter would be perfect! You can see why I was scared in the cave that day! Thanks.


Robbie, if my memory serves me correctly, is this what your second tatoo will look like?


Love it Robbie. A fun find.

Very nice to see so close. Have a question. The little "pearls" on the edge of the dorsal fin - are they actually there or is it just a reflection of some sort? Have never seen a moray with them before.


Wow awesome Robbie
Call it "Sneaky" cus of it sneaking in and out of your little area



That is good Ank, thanks.
You're right YO, dad keeps on mentioning that we should go in and clean the bottom of debris which has built up over the years. I said, "are you nuts? Not me!" Thanks.

Just be careful your 'pet' does not make lunch out of you!


Call it "vis". Beautiful photo.


Thanks again P&B.


Love it!


Thanks PD, not that much of a pet ...yet!! I don't know, should call it....IT until I know for sure!!
Thank you oddio, it is so interesting seeing things from around the world on jigidi that otherwise may escape us.
There you go PLG, I also have seen many things here that I had never seen or even heard of, thanks.


I didn't know what one looked like. This is so cool! Thanks, Robbie!


Great photo, Robbiel. A lot of interesting things in your everyday world that we could not imagine! Thanks for sharing.


What a great photo! And if he's almost a pet, you have to give him a name! (By the way, how do you know it's a he and not a she?! Then again, maybe I don't want to know...)!


Not today Lela, he is almost a pet now! Thanks.




This Moray Eel happened to appear in our grotto this morning. What a coincidence that I talked about one two days ago. This is a Green Moray and lives in the area. We see him near our dock at times and every so often finds his way into this grotto which other fish cannot get in or out of. He slinks his way in between the underwater rocks. Our tide is exceptionally low today, I have never seen him this close before.