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Ice Cream Cones Per Requests and then a few extras

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In no particular order....
whatnauts- two chocolate
Katie- rum raisin
Mandy- pistachio
Robbie- pizza flavored (artificial flavoring and coloring added)
Mr. Bugosi- tadpole
Pat and PJ will have to share- vanilla
Up for grabs- strawberry and purple (Welch's grape juice)
oldiepumpkin (Magda)- none (that's what happens after you've already eaten an entire puzzle of ice cream cones) hehehe


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PJ, since I made a few mistakes along the way and don't feel quite right about it, I'm going to make another one eventually. But for now, I think everyone has experienced an overdose of ice cream.
Did you try the strawberry?


Just fine, Wendy - I'm happy with half the vanilla, then you get blueberry and strawberry to usher around! :-))


Ohhhh, PJ! I really goofed. I must have been thinking about Ardy when I put her name with the vanilla instead of yours. If I remember correctly, Ardy is refraining from eating any ice cream. But being the dingbat I've been lately, I may be wrong about that too. I'm so far behind on everything that I'll check later....when and if I remember. I think I made too many ice cream cone puzzles (both aliases combined). Regardless, you get half a vanilla cone, and then if you'd like, you can have the purple one....and even the strawberry. LOL


Thanks, Wendy! :-)))))


PJ, I've revised my list! On another note, my husband already eats too much ice cream so he doesn't deserve a cone.

Ardy, you're so good. That means that there's still a strawberry cone for someone. I forgot to mention it in the list previously.

Mr. Bugosi, please get a handkerchief or tissue and wipe all the cones to remove your germs. Thank you in advance.

PJ, Mr. Bugosi will provide the honey.

whatnauts, you're very welcome. I don't know why you deserved two chocolate cones, but you did.

Pat, you won't believe this, but I WAS going to make a ramen noodle cone for you, but I didn't have the time. It may not look it, but this one took me a long time, and I only completed it by 3 in the afternoon. I figured that I might get sick creating your cone, so decided to post 'as is.'
Anyway, as you can see in the revised description, you now have a vanilla cone.


My favorite would be the vanilla one, too, since ice cream doesn't come in ramen noodle flavor... LOL!


Mmmm, yummy. Thanks for the chocolate ice cream. It was the perfect dessert.


No problem, I think.... Wendy - lots of honey does help, could you supply some honey?


After the first one, the only thing I could taste was I'm afraid I cannot be of much assistance........(cough.....cough........atishoo!....excuse me....)


I looked in on the party. Looks like you are all having a great time. Thanks, Wendy. Tempting puzzle but I won't give in.


It looked like bluberry - but Mr Bugosi could probably tell, if the different tastes did not melt together for him :-)
Then your husband may be part of the party and have a treat too!?!?


Yum Yum - that was super delicious, and I enjoyed the sprinkles on the top too. Thanks Wendy

PJ - Is the purple one blueberry... that's my husband's favourite!!!


There's a purple ice cream for hire...


Wendy - WOW - what a wonderful idea. Great puzzle - and I love vanilla ice cream! How did you know? :-)) Everything is fine - I only hope Mr. Bugosi is in good health, he does look his normal self - so I'll enjoy my vanilla. Thank you for throwing this surprise party!


Oh, Barb! I was even going to make a mint chocolate chip cone because it's one of my favorite flavors. Even better than that is peppermint stick ice cream. But my all-time favorite is rum raisin. Since Katie loves that flavor too, I decided that she should have it (I ate the rest of the carton so I was feeling generous).


I forgot to put in my request for chocolate mint but that's okay, I took one of whatnauts' chocolate cones. LOL
A tasty, delightful puzzle, Wendy, thanks! :-)


I just KNEW it! I should have put your tadpole cone at the very top, instead of putting it at the bottom on the far right-hand side. That's what I get for not doing what I should have done. You don't have any germs, do you? Well, as long as you don't have a contagious disease, I think the rest of the people can eat their cones.


As they were in no particular order, I had to lick each one in order to find the tadpole cone.....they were all very tasty (apart from oldiepumpkin's, as there wasn't one)........