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Flowers With Bird .....

36 pieces
110 solves
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You are always among the elite, dear Anne... On purple flowers birds and dragonflies co-exist peacefully.... Its purple rule number 3... Glad you enjoyed this one.... :) :)


Beeuuutiful! Gorgeous colours of course - hope the bird isn't looking at that dragonfly for lunch. Thanks dear and I made the board. Wow! Didn't expect to be up with the elite speedies.


Oh gracious....Whompy-jawed, now wonky...We'll soon have all of Jigidi in mass confusion and at maximum disorientation... Next will come supercalifragilisticexpialidocious... then we're all in trouble.... :) :)


Yeah Libby.... Top of the board.... Not to worry dear one, we know how those sporadics are.... Is whompy-jawed any thing like Cattywhompus ???


Thanks Pat.... Purple is the in thing.... I agree on the border.... Good eye.... :) :)


i got a bit disoriented and wonky on this one - but so did some of the flowers. They thought the frame was tippy (as I did) and they fell right out of it!!


Thought I would stop by for a quick visit...sporadic to non-existent soon! While I was solving this it looked like the frame was whompy-jawed from the corner of my eye...then I realized there were 2 of them! Thanks Ms S ;-)))

Did someone say purple? Love the border - the band of grey brings out the purple.


Thanks pkin... Glad you liked the colors.... :) :)


Thank you Fay, the blue did compliment the purple quite nicely, for those of us who love purple... Ava good evening.... :) :)


Thanks mate, you are so sweet to say so.... Look at you in top spot....Way to go.... :) :)


Love it and the color is just beautiful. Thanks


Love it Sally, the flowers and colours are so beautiful, thanks so much!


Beautiful, love the flowers, bird and the gorgeous dragon fly, oh I just love all of it, Thanks Sally :) :)