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You have a good night as well. See ya tomorrow.


Oh, I'll bet their mailboxes are overflowing! LOL! That's one reason I wrote immediately, and to Stefan himself and not just to Jigidi, and why I made it brief. I'm sure they're overwhelmed, but I know they hate leaving mistakes uncorrected.

Thanks for cluing me in to the other puzzle--I don't know how I missed the comment! And I really do have to try the new jigidi more fully tomorrow, and discuss it more carefully, the way you just did--too crazy around my home to handle it today. I'll tell you more about that tomorrow privately...

Have a good night, mwuff!


I believe you missed my comment on the United Ovals puzzle and I'd like you to see it :)


I think that TPTB receive complaints and suggestions all year long and they have incorporated the things that were most common or they felt were helpful to the site. People have been complaining about the preview size for some time now and that has been addressed, albeit on an ugly black background I've also seen lots of complaints about the font size and now that it is bigger, I've seen lots of complaints about the new font size which I really don't get, because it's only a teensy bit bigger.

The puzzle info - pieces, comments, solves - is rather large, but makes sense since it needs to take up similar vertical space as the preview. The puzzle info - preview - size info - leader board - now take up less vertical space on the page and any comment over 2 lines now takes up less space because the comment area is wider than it used to be. So it would seem to me that less scrolling would be involved, yet some seem to think they are scrolling more.

I wouldn't be surprised if TPTB mailboxes were overflowing with complaints and suggestions about the new site. It may take them awhile to get back to everybody.


I haven't a clue why they didn't come right out and ask--they certainly knew some things (like the time clock) because we mentioned those to them often enough, but I'd have thought they might have invited at least the starred people to give them a list of the features/improvements they'd most like to see... And they did a half-tushie job on the how-to section! Many of us told them a number of things we thought would be useful in such a listing, and they really didn't use almost any, and what they did use I think was presented confusingly...

I really do have to force myself to try it more extensively than I have... I'm a little surprised that Stefan--I wrote to him directly--didn't get back about that misstatement in the guidelines about the filter. I know he's very busy, but that wasn't a critique as much as it was a pointing out of an actual error... Oh, well, maybe I should just post a few unfiltered political puzzles quickly and then claim that I was just following directions! LOL!


Strange about the lesser number of piece choices. I haven't done much looking around the puzzle creation process other than to give it a cursory look. I did see a puzzle or two which used the description feature and it appears right above the 'Created by pdevredis65' line on this page.

Hi siouxzn!


Hi Pat - have bookmarked this for later. I have been playing around with the new jigidi and have been coming around to your way of thinking. There's certainly some improvements eg I like the larger font size. But there are lots of annoyances too. I am also confused about puzzle size While I love the increased maximum puzzle piece size, the old parameters about as close to 1.2 megapixels in size for the image no longer give maximum pieces, but nowhere on guidelines does it say how to get the maximum. I have emailed Magnus and Stefan for more info. Perhaps they will improve it further. I hope you give then feedback on your experiences because you post pretty much everyday, you would have such valuable suggestions. I wonder why they didn't ask some of the most frequent users and creators what they wanted?


Maybe the helium escaped from the front ones--it would explain why I've been speaking in a squeaky, high-pitched voice today...! Thanks, siouxzn!


Inflating balloons, the ones in the back got the most helium!...the bright colors are always welcome. Thanks pd, hi whatnauts.


I also noticed that, at least on the few I tried, the number of size choices has decreased--where before there might have been 25 sizes between the tiniest and the largest any image would go, now there might be fewer than 20--even with the top size being larger!


Oh dear, it looks like you are going to get even more frustrated with figuring out the size issue. Just go with the flow, be cool man!! All I can think of are sixties and seventies phrases.


Yes, I can see that! LOL! I had hoped that I could post this larger using New Jigidi, because all the others I tried let me make sizes beyond what I normally can, but this one wouldn't even reach 200 pieces in New Jigidi! Bummer, dude! There I was, all ready to find something to appreciate in the new version, and it didn't happen...... Oy.....


This is great with all the bright colours. For some strange reason, I am reminded of a hair-do, sorta like a beehive, albeit strangely coloured.