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Anders Zorn La mariée

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Dear spdean, a big thank you for this very clear information. Following your previous proposal and before receiving this information I put myself in front of my PC and, who seeks finds ... I work a lot with my Ipad and there is really different from the PC, the possibilities are much smaller. I now work to update my publications, but it will take time because there are more than 1000 :-)). Again thank you for kindness, Lea.


I just went to search and found this puzzle. You did it. Great!


First, open up La Mariee on your own puzzle collection. Scroll down till you find a long open bar with the word "Keywords" underneath. Type in "Zorn." Then don't forget to click on SAVE as you have changed info for this puzzle.
Now to check if it went through, click on your "Formal" in the long grren dialog box at the top. That will open a lighter green dialog box underneath. Then click on "puzzles" in the DARK green box. That will open up more info in the lighter green box starting with Most Recent. Go over to the last one "search" and open. Type in "Zorn" and you will be taken to my Valla Kula. La Mariee should be there. Add "Your Daily Bread as well.
I hope this helps. Last resort is for me to add your Zorns to my puzzle collection and then enter in search which I would prefer not to do. Let me know how you make out in this venture. Good Luck!

Dear spdean, thanks for your comment. I have several times published works by Anders Zorn, including one in August of last year. He is a painter that I appreciate very much. Your engraving is really beautiful. Unfortunately, I do not know how to get my publications to the search list, if you were kind enough to enlighten me, I will not fail to correct this detail. Thank you, Léa.


It is rare to see Anders Zorn on Jigidi. Glad I didn't miss this one. You should key it under Zorn so all can locate it.
You will find my Valla Kula there as well as on my site. She has been a treasure in our home since my early childhood. Thank you for sharing this gem!

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