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December blooms in Maryland USA

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In my backyard.


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Dagmar, I wasn't sure. "C" and "Z" are not that far apart on the keyboard and I couldn't remember the Spanish for "zero" and my dictionary was on another floor. I think your ability with languages is amazing and I don't mind mixing them up all together. Besides I knew what you meant!!


You are right, Ardy, I was typing a Spanish "cero" LOL


Someone needs to tell them it's resting time. Mother Nature isn't on the job. LOL Thanks, Ank, for stopping by.


love it. I also still have roses in buds, but they don't open anymore, too cold. But so stupid, the buds keep on coming. At this time.


I doubt they will last much longer as it has been colder these past few days. Glad you enjoyed the puzzled roses. ( I'm guessing cero is a typo for zero? I've never sure with the differences in spelling in various languages.)


Thanks for a reminder of warmer days, Ardy, roses are such resistant plants, I still have one blooming even though the temperatures have been below cero the last days.
Thanks for some morning fun.


Love the hugs. :-)) Thank you.


More than enough! Thanks!! And I love it. ((HUGS))


Hi Kirsten. I went back and looked at the original photo but I can't tell what I'm holding and I just can't seem to remember. According to the picture I was 11 1/2 months. It's definitely been recolored and not very well at that. Although we are talking about 75 years ago!! Enough answers? LOL Thanks for coming to take a look. I'm amazed at this rose. It's never bloomed this late in the year before but then I've had it only 6 years.


Nice avatar Ardy!! I like the childhood pics. I think that's what Gail (Gaillou) has too, and it's so cute!! Yours is very sweet too. Is it a B&W that's been recoloured? The blue of your coat is gorgeous. Matches your smile!! And what's that you're holding and looking at? So many questions. LOL :)))


Jan, "They" keep saying that global warming isn't a fact but ...This is the first time that this particular bush has bloomed this late. A friend gave me this bush when Helen died - 6 years ago. Helen loved roses and had all kinds of beautiful ones. I don't have her green thumb. The 70 degree days we had earlier this week really brought these out. Thanks for stopping by.


Hanne, You are very welcome. We've had a cold snap these past two days. I don't think they'll do much more unless it warms up again.


Ardy, when did Maryland become a tropical state? My goodness, you have been lucky! :D


You are so lucky, Ardy, so fine roses still!! Thanks so very much!!


Mhughes, I'm surprised at all the blooms this late. It is rather unusual. Thanks.

Kathy, Glad you like roses too. I took this picture Wednesday. It has turned colder so I doubt they will last much longer. Thanks for coming by.


Love roses, thanks for the posts.


Your still get blooms off of your rose bushes in December? That's amazing! Their beautiful too!