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To a dear Jigidi friend, who made me the beneficiary of an incredible act of generosity and kindness

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I am awed and humbled by the kindness and generosity of a dear Jigidi friend, who sent me a year's worth of cat food, all the supplies I need to manage Norton's diabetes, and a very generous gift card to Petsmart. Words cannot express how I feel about someone whom I've never actually met but who I feel is a sister at heart. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul.


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Thanks so much, Bex_7. We're both plodding along, trying to get better. I appreciate your asking about me.


A really fun puzzle to do, thanks for sharing :-)
And good luck with Norton, I hope you are both well x


Raven, there are so many good people left in the world that they far outnumber the bad apples. All you have to do is keep your eyes open and you'll find them.


This shows that there are still some good people in this world...


Thanks so much, anther. I do get a lot of joy and comfort from having my cats around.


Lots of fun doing your puzzle Gail. Hope you get as much enjoyment out of your feline friends.


Hi Faye, speaking of that, I just finished testing Norton for the first time. It wasn't too bad and I only had to poke him once. I have Joyce to thank for that. When the vet tech tried to show me how to use the glucometer and was using the pen that was included in my kit, she had to stick him three times. I'm SO proud of myself!!! I've given insulin hundreds of times to four cats, but I've never done a glucose test with a glucometer.

Dimples, I know what you mean about caring for animals. But I believe that, as there are many people who abuse and neglect their animals, there are many times more than that who care deeply for them. Thank you for your well wishes. Enjoy the puzzle. I certainly enjoyed creating it.

What a very generous thing to do. I don't know who you are, Octomom, but you are obviously a very caring person. I'm sure there are so many people out there who would not take the time, effort or expense to care for an animal. I truly believe the animals are our link to what nature is all about. Someday we'll put it all together.
Good luck with that precious kitty. Now, on with this amazing puzzle!


Hip hip hooray for all those who help with animal rescue...and these two people especially!!!

P.S. How's the insulin doing...stabilized yet?