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BORING!! - 2 1/2 LB Avocado on the right.

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Thanks Tex, I'll keep my eyes open!


Well, I think the produce from Arkansas is fresher than that shipped in here from, say Mexico, or when it's hothouse grown. It'll be several weeks, Robbie, before you see any action with that avacado. Takes forever, but just about the time you forget about it, it'll sprout up, and then they grow fast.


Thanks Healer, it is great to be reminded of them by you all at different times. Glad you like the stories.
Thanks Tex, we planted our first one like that last week to see what happens. Nothing yet. So Arkansas has better quality produce, huh? Thanks.
We certainly do PKH and no hurricane to knock them off early, thanks.


What fine avacadoes you have, young man!


I'm thinking that Mimi just has a good Sam's, because here, I get bad ones at both Sam's and Walmart. I really like most of Walmart produce because it often comes from Arkansas. Robbie, you don't have to go through all that with the toothpicks. I just stick the seed in the ground (pot) and it comes up just as well as your way. It takes a long time, but it works for me! Saves you some effort.


Robbiel! I loved your story! What great memories!!!!!


Hi PPM, what a shame. I enjoyed getting seeds, putting three tooth picks in them and keeping in a glass with water until they sprout then plant them. We transplanted a two year old one recently that is over 6 ft. tall and healthy. I' have never been in a place long enough to get fruit though! Maybe this time!
Hi Hanne, thanks, you're welcome.
That is interesting yellow, surprising what you can find at Walmart !
That's the way Shirley, sounds good!


I love Avocados too, salt,pepper and lemon juice, beautiful, Thanks Robbies.

Never, never boring, Robbie . . . avocados, food from the gods in my book! I agree he but noartily with the ladies who have paid top dollar for them, just to slice them open & find them turning brown, makes one want to scream, ugh !!!! We enjoyed 3 of the 'lite' ones (the size of the avocado just right of center in yout photo, bought at Walmart of all places. . .they were fantastic. Bought more in our regular market the next week, they looked perfect, but not to be. Thanks for the tip about Sam's Club, Mimi, we're not members, maybe we'll look into that.


I live in Louisiana and often had the problem of brown insides in an avocado that looked perfect. However I have learned to buy all my avocados at Sam's Club. They come five to a bag and I have never had one that was not perfect. Sometimes they are hard and need to ripen, other times they are just right, but I have never had a bad one from there. And they keep perfectly in the refrigerator for quite a while.


They are beautiful!! Thanks so very much Robbie!!


I am green with envy. Even though I live in avocado country, every blessed avocado tree I've planted over a period of many years has curled up its toes and said nighty-night. I think avocado-kind has put a jinx on me ever since I repotted one I had as a house plant way back in N.C.


Hi PK, thanks. I guess you saw my comment about the new format. This layout for comments I think is better than the new one, with a long list that is a lot of scrolling back and forth.
Yes lyndee, LOTS of Guacamole!
I agree Graci and gem.
Chickie did you know the Texans stole our Bermuda onion seed AND the name Bermuda just to rub our noses in it?! I suppose Tex will make a trip here now with her 6-gun and try to uproot the avocado tree!!
Hi Marva, thanks I see all kinds of good things there!
Thanks borris mate!
Chookies we have the same problem when our season stops. They bruise easily and when transported all over the world, well we all will get some bum ones!
You see what I did David!
Thanks Tex, sure do.
Hi SPG, thanks glad you liked it.
Hybrid David and lyndee called Avo-Red-Delicious!!
Yes I think I noticed it on one of your puzzles waaaay back lajuin.
Thanks Jacques.
Rob the Bermuda one is specially grafted, that is why the fruit is big. Have to have a male and female together to bear fruit.OK moving on....
We get those imported too PLG, we are spoilt for a short time.
Yes...well....I was getting cranky!....Sorry....AGAIN!!
Hi Healer oh yes a good sandwich. I used to love my Godfather's sandwiches when we went fishing. He had homemade bread with ham, lettuce, cheese and thick slices of avocado all spread with butter, hot Coleman's mustard and mayo!!!!! The kicker was eating one of those monsters with fishy, sandy, squidy hands and a quart of St. Pauli Girl beer!!! Oh those were the days, then the ultimate kicker was getting a ferocious bite on your line just as the sandwich was going into your mouth!!!!! We fished with thick cotton hand lines and if we got a strike by a 20 LB red snapper or Amberjack the sandwich, beer, hands, legs and Thomas's pipe all went topsy turvy in the cockpit, swearing, laughing, crying and general chaos would ensue......WHOOOOEEEEE!!!!!!.....Wow, I'm worn out just thinking about it! Thanks healer....I think!!


My what big Avocados you have!
Sliced in salad, on a sandwich. Guacomole! Good stuff!
We can't buy them like that around here!


Poor Robbie's getting a little cranky.


Then you'll have to go to the Naughty Corner :)))


I'll try again! I'm giving up, my comments disappear and I am going to swear!!! Will answer tomorrow, thanks.


Wow! (The ones we get in the grocery stores up here are not much bigger than that apple!)


Oh Yum!! That would last me for days! I wonder what variety it is?


Great avocados Robbie!


Robbie - Your countertop is very much like ours. I got it to disguise the crumbs that my husband leaves.


I thought the red one was an get an idea of the size difference.


I never sawr a red avocado like that one on the left...


Oh I am so hungry for avocado now! These are beautiful thank you!


They are working on the site david. Same thing happens when they are making changes on facebook.


For the medium ones here (which I would call small), we're paying $1.50 each!! And half the time, like Chookies said, they're brown on the inside. So count your blessings, Robbie! I know you do.


None of the puzzles will load for me. I hope it is just a glitch...
(sad face)


I could scream everytime I cut into one and find it brown inside...and I choose them so carefully in the fruit market...


Nice Avocados, mate!!


love them and they are so good for you Look up the benifits of
avocados you will be very suprised


Are you sure you didn't get those shipped in from Texas? Those are dandys Robbie!


Ooooooh, Gracie, I like pepper and a dash of vinegar, too.


a 4 1/2 lb avocado would make a lot of guacmole dip! Yummy


Not boring Robbie! avocados/aguacates are the best! a little bit of salt and that's all you need!


Getting hard up for pictures. Anyway we get nice big Avocados in Bermuda, the others are 2 LB and 1 LB each. I wish I had my camera earlier, Jenny and I were shown a 4 1/2 LB Avocado taken from a friend's tree! We have never seen one even close to that weight before. There are more on the tree!


Wow! That is one big puppy there!


Very interesting puzzle and tricky to thanks robbie