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Illustrator, Artist Shinya Kayama " A Real Under Sea Adventure"

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My first thought was, Why sit in front of a television screen, like a mindless robot, when you can partake of 'the real thing', that of discovering a whole new world outside of yourself, and best of all, he doesn't even need scuba gear! Hope you enjoy this jigsaw. Doll
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  1. estherc47:45
  2. hondagal8:12
  3. Sou9:34
  4. jewel29:40
  5. bodminbabe10:33
  6. Ericdoro11:55
  7. vidiviciveni12:07
  8. Dagmar1113:43
  9. Darlenecrawford14:13
  10. Trooodles14:22


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Hello, Playday,

Nice to hear from you, I am glad you enjoyed this jigsaw puzzle, it is a little change from
the dolls, but I had unpublished and solved one of the largest puzzles by Shinya Kayama,
and thought I would share it with all you jigidi members. Then I thought I would make
this artist's puzzles in smaller sizes, so I did that. I will be back to posting the doll related
puzzles soon. I am also Bibliophile.

This was fun! Thank you for a beautiful puzzle!


Thanks for the visit, comment and solve, hondagal, I am glad you enjoyed the jigsaw.
Hope to hear from you again. Doll

Thank you for posting! :)

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