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Josie and her holy-roller toy

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Josie's food gets stolen by Maggie IF Maggie can be fast enough. Josie is part plott hound, a speciality breed in the south. She has learned many more tricks than Maggie, who has too many scents to scout and holes to investigate.


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Oh, poor baby! What pretty eyes she has. They do love their holy roller balls, don't they? We have actually had to replace them over time, they get positively worn out. Give her some ear scritchies and belly rubs from me, please.

Here's a late Christmas pressie for you:


Thank you, PLG.

She frightened me for a very long time because she was so hyper. She is quieter now, but also has seizures too much of the time. Poor puppy.


What a nice-looking dog! Thanks, RH!


Thank you, gnt1041 and Chickiemama.

Most likely I won't see them until next December or January. Not many days in North Carolina that are that comfortable for me.


Scratch sweet Josie behind the ear for me. :)


good one rose