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Last Theme Puzzle - Seahorses! (smaller)

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The more than 50 species of seahorses are mainly found in shallow tropical and temperate waters throughout the world, and prefer to live in sheltered areas.
They range in size from .6 to 14 inches. Unlike most fish, they have a well-defined neck. They swim very poorly and the slowest moving fish in the world is a seahorse. They will quite often rest with their prehensile tails attached to a stationary object.
And, the male seahorses are the ones who give birth!


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Nicky - some of them even look life they are covered in leaves! thanks.


Wow! Never knew there were so many species.


PJ - they are so beautiful. And, the one in the upper left is really tiny. I am glad you enjoyed them. Thanks.

Hester - The males cling onto something like seaweed and stay there until the little ones are born. I wonder if he feeds himself, or a female brings him food? :)))

Edie - I agree! So many undersea creatures are killed in the name of tourism. :((


Now these are more to my liking Jan. Colourful and cute. Hope they are no longer caught and dried like I saw when I was in Florida.


They are delightful Jan! Such cute little critters and I'm all for the males having to do that birthing business!! ;-)


Jan - great fun, and amazing creatures. The photo clarity is perfect, - and I've never seen such colorful ones live either,


Barb - I would love to see them "in person!" Thanks so very much.

Ardy - I even added one or two that was /were new. Thanks so much, my friend.


Beautiful, Jan. Thank you. I'm sorry to see the week end. I have so enjoyed your sea creatures. They are special to me, dear friend. Thank you so much.


I had no idea that seahorses came in such spectacular colours, Jan. Thanks for this beautiful puzzle! :-)


Thank you so very much Pat, Katie and Francamia.
They are fascinating creatures. I have only seen one in my underwater travels and it wasn't this pretty. But, WOW! What an unusual fish.


The colours are a outstanding.........Thank you jiggy.........


Such an amazing array of colors! Thanks for this really interesting subject Jan! :>)


Love it ...