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And I won't add anything further !!!


Obama got into a lot of trouble in the first election when he talked about people "clinging to their guns and religion". Fortunately, McCain and Palin got into even more with their own comments, and his remark didn't make as much trouble as it might have. But I always thought it was a perfect summation--although rather odd, coming from a devout Christian... People see--and hear, and pay attention to--only want they want to, I guess. "He'll take away my guns!"--because he wants concealed weapons to be registered and their owners to be licensed? CARS are registered, and their owners are licensed, for Pete's sake! And the republicans put in their platform that they will never allow a law limiting the purchase of thousands of rounds of ammo, and clips that fire 200+ bullets in seconds! Well, of course--we need those to hunt deer or defend our home from a burglar...... Sorry, I just can't understand this "slippery slope" nonsense--that even the smallest, most common-sense regulation (like not allowing unlicensed concealed weapons, owned by people who never took a proficiency test, in schools and hospitals) is considered one step away from outlawing guns totally. And now I should stop, because I'm too ready to go out and scream at someone!


PD, I knew when I commented that it could possibly turn this into a 'political' puzzle, but I didn't think you would mind (at least not too much) - after all, you gave me the opening!!! I saw a short documentary awhile ago on some very poor people living in shacks somewhere in the southern states (I don't remember which one, but it was deep south). Most of the people interviewed were for anyone but Obama, but preferably a Republican. They're afraid Democrats will take away their guns (ridiculous) and of course then there's the whole issue with Obama being black (and a 'foreigner' - not born in USA).

It makes no difference to them that they are on Public Assistance (they don't look at it that way). Most of them don't have running water or electricity, but they 'know' if they vote Republican they'll be better off. They've only lived the way they currently do for decades, but suddenly, if a Republican gets elected President, their lives will suddenly turn around. Ya right!!

The same people that produced the documentary also filmed one in New York with Democrats, and made them looked silly as well, but for different reasons.


Thanks, Katie!


I'm in the half that you do understand and glad to be there. I'm not too sure that other half is worth trying very hard to understand.


Oh, I knew you knew, whatnauts! I just needed a chance to vent, and you provided the opportunity! The man never ceases to amaze me--in all the wrong ways... How half of the country can seriously be thinking of voting for him, I just don't understand...

Thanks, Wendy--but if you want to vent, too, feel free! :-)))


Two great posts in a row. That's all I'll say on the subject. ;-)


I had trouble enough with this small version. Good luck Kathy and Hanne on the large version!!!

Yes, PD, I'm aware that Mr R has said something stupid, once again. I'm beginning to wonder how he got to where he is. There are so many things about 'life' that he just doesn't seem to know. Most politicians, both parties, seem to turn facts and figures around to suit their needs, but the Rep's certainly seem to be able to make up stories out of whole cloth. Sometimes the things he says remind me of a certain VP candidate from 4 years ago :) (I can hardly wait until the election is over, only 6.5 more excruciating weeks!!!)


Mr. R has managed to take a figure that represents people who do not pay federal income tax, period, and turn it into a figure that supposedly represents people who pay NO tax (they DO pay payroll taxes, sales tax, real estate tax, social security taxes, federal excise tax, etc.), and then call them all lazy moochers who depend on the government and have no sense of responsibility. The majority of those people are either retired (and collecting social security money from the fund they paid into all their working lives), students with loans, veterans, disabled folks, active duty soldiers overseas, and so on. And, of course, Mr. R, thanks to tax shelters, offshore accounts, and other loopholes, pays a lower percentage of tax than his secretary... And, yes, there certainly are other prejudices at work as well......

It's my puzzle, and I'll cry if I want to....

Well, Kathy, you and Hanne are definitely on the same wave-length! I just re-did it so it will post larger than 250--coming up tomorrow...


Again, Hanne and I have the same idea! I was going to say, "If Hanne hasn't already asked..." - then I read the comments and of course she had!! :-))


I had much trouble finding my way around this wooden People's Park for the 47%ers. I don't believe Mr R realizes just how many republicans are in the groups of people he despises so much (or perhaps they vote that way because of other prejudices).


Hmmmm....something called The People's Park sounds like something for the 47%... Cool!

I'll post it tomorrow, Hanne! :-)))

Thanks, everyone!


Thanks Wendy......I will wait patiently (I know the good ones take time!)......
I've posted zilch today, as I'm still catching up also, as well.....


Oh, Pat...I've done the same thing...just grabbing things to post because of a lack of time.

Mr. Bugosi, I haven NOT forgotten about your park. It's just that I have to be in the right frame of mind. It's a bit of a puzzle in my head because it's not as easy as you might make a really cool one like you described.


Pat, please, could it be tomorrows pleasure??


This reminds me of an aerial view of Little Bonga.......(The environs of the People's Park).......


Thanks, Jan and Katie! I liked the brightness and whimsicality of it--no frightening eyes for a change! :-D


Oh my gosh! This one is SO much fun! Just right for the end of the day. Thanks Pat!


This was wild and crazy and thoroughly enjoyable! Thanks, Pat!


At 9:30, I was trying to post puzzles, talk to the daughter who called, and get going to the dentist--so I'm amazed it actually looks like wood, because it was a desperate attempt at a title! :-D And what I posted under my other profile was created to be used for LunaPics only--it's not even arranged the way I would have wanted--but I ended up posting it in 3 sizes, because I was so rushed and trying not to set my schedule back by a few hours that I just grabbed the first Painting I saw... Great job, Pat...


This really does look like the pieces are made of wood!