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Potpourri171 - Collage4 - Medium - rj

196 pieces
149 solves
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Hi Robyn, I left you an important message on this puzzle:


You're welcome, hon. Glad to hear that. :))


Thank you, dear Robyn. You gave me words to live by. A huge hug for you too, maybe even more than one. I needed to read what you just said.....really, I did. :-))))))))


Wendy, I leave comments on all the puzzles I solve. That's what I like and want to do. It's a courtesy I afford the puzzle maker for the enjoyment of having solved a puzzle they made for other people's enjoyment. I don't leave comments because I feel obligated to. I talk to everyone and anyone, not only in here but in my daily life too, unless, of course, the conversation is a terrible one.

I enjoy people. I don't talk all the time. I like my alone time too. But I'm a social person by nature. I like to think I treat everyone more or less the same and with respect, unless they abuse that respect, of course. I'm not one to play favourites although in my real life I do have my siblings and close friends that I've known for years who are extra special to me.

I'm also very good at living and being alone. I like my own company. I can entertain myself for hours upon hours. I'm a very independent person. If anyone is courting me in here, it's unbeknownst to me but I'm flattered. I haven't noticed though. But if anyone is, it's still not going to make much of a difference. I'm not going to be playing favourites because it's just not in my nature. I like a lot of people in here, too many. But I only end up talking to people in here if I've solved their puzzles. I don't communicate with anyone in here outside of these comment boards. We're all people with something in common. Solving jigsaw puzzles, artwork, being creative, etc. And that's what we most often discuss here too. Sometimes people talk about a few other things from time to time and that's fine. I enjoy ALL of the people I've met in here and I certainly enjoy their puzzles.

I'm just being myself, hon. I don't plan on changing because I like who I am. I have a set of values that I chose as I was growing up and I stick to them. I've become the person I always wanted to become and I'm pleased with that. I can't control everything everyone else does. The only person I have any control over is myself and the only person I am every day and always, is "me". There are no hidden agendas, I'm my own boss, my own person, I enjoy people, I enjoy jigsaws, I like to make up my own mind about things. The things I say to you are the same things I would say to others and the things I say to others are the same things I would say to you. Sometimes my comments are short and sometimes they are long. I never know which it's going to be in advance. I just play it all by ear.

If anything nefarious is going on around me I probably wouldn't notice, anyway, because I'm not looking for it nor am I into that or if I did notice I'd just go my own way and continue doing my own thing because that's the way I am.

So my dear. I enjoy solving your puzzles and I like to leave you a message to tell you so. I also like to have a short chat with you every once in a while about something if it comes up and I may joke around along with other people in here every once in a while too. That's just me being me. That's all. I mind my own business and go about my day usually quite content with my life and I enjoy the people who cross my path in life. Hopefully they enjoy their encounters with me too.

I'm a very easy going person. Live and let live. Just living and enjoying my life and enjoying the creative process that Jigidi provides, giving back to society by making puzzles I can offer others to solve as well as solve them myself, hanging out in a creative atmosphere where I can enjoy other people's artwork. That's all. Just doing my own thing, hon. If something is going on behind my back, it'll have to be satisfied with me not noticing or caring about it because I'm not into drama. Life is too short and there are a lot of other things that need doing.

I never even used to notice things going on around me at work (in the office). Some of my friends would tell me about this or that affair going on and I never even noticed. They could have been making out right there on my desk in front of me and I still probably wouldn't have noticed because I've got my own nose two inches from my desk working away at my own work and concentrating on that and other things that are more important to me. I think I may have some tunnel vision, lol, but it seems to have worked out well for me in my life.

So, Wendy, whatever it is you are worried about, please don't be. There's nothing happening or going on with me. I'm still the same person I was and will always be just enjoying the puzzles and all the great artistry in here.

Big Hugs to you!! :))


Robyn, please don't feel any obligation to leave comments on my puzzles anymore. In fact, it's probably better that you don't. I've watched as someone has courted you with her full course press ever since she realized that you and I were....maybe....becoming friendly, and if it wasn't so darned predictable, I would almost call it amusing. But I'm not amused.

I'll remove this from your puzzle after I know you've seen it.