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The Great Barrier Reef is the world's largest coral reef. It is close to the coast of Queensland, Australia. It is 2,600 km long. It is made up of nearly 3000 coral reefs and over 600 islands. It has been listed an important World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The Great Barrier Reef is the largest structure made by living things. It can be seen from outer space

James Cook discovered the reef by accident on 11 June 1770, when his ship, the "Endeavour", crashed into it. The coral ripped a large hole in the bottom of his ship. Cook and the crew were able to keep the ship from sinking. They were able to get the ship onto a beach at what is now called Cooktown.

Coincidentally today is also Jacques Cousteau?s birthday. Born in France on June 11, 1910, Jacques Cousteau co-invented the Aqua-Lung, a breathing device for scuba-diving, in 1943. In 1951, he began going on yearly trips to explore the ocean on the Calypso. Cousteau recorded his trips on the TV series The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau.

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Not to worry Pat - I'm even later getting to visit you recently, and my plan for these puzzles was to find something to celebrate every day - so I guess as long as you are celebrating something it doesn't matter if the days get a bit muddled up!! LOL


Very interesting puzzle ...and I am late ... always loved his shows ....Great man...


Oh thank you Heidi - I might just see if I can source a copy - just because I'm fascinated by how he measured their intelligence.

Thanks Willy, it's good to know you found the information interesting too :~)


Very intressing information Mandy, I was seeing alot of docus from it and from Cousteau in the past, thank you,
Willy. :-)


The name of the book is: Octopus And Squid The Soft Intelligence; By Jacques-Yves Cousteau. You can tell that Cousteau loved what he did and was fascinated by those shy creatures of massive intelligence.


I've never thought about octopus and squid intelligence, but can imagine it would be interesting to read about. Thanks Heidi, I would never have known such a book even existed!

I think snorkelling is fun whereever you go Edie, as long as the water is reasonably clear anyway!! I'm glad you enjoyed the info today though, thanks :~)

Thanks mipahollo1, I'm happy you enjoyed the pics!!


Beautiful puzzle Mandy. The reef pictures are great and so is our friend Jacques!


I snorkelled years ago in Puerto Rico off a small island that you got to by catamaran. It was fun but wouldn't compare to this. Thanks for the good info as always Mandy


I just finished reading a delightful book by Jaques Cousteau on Octopus and Squid intelligence. The man really had a love for life of all kinds.


I agree, Ardy :~)

Francine - consider yourself thanked again... by me and by Ardy :~)))


Mandy, I want to thank Francine for that video link. It was beautiful.


Thanks Francine, I just visited that link - it's wonderful to watch - and the singing is great too - I never made the link between Calypso and Calypso before !! LOL


Kirsten, that's horrible What a wondrous experience for you; thanks for sharing. I once was lucky to see coral in Fiji while using a partially-glassed floating device.

~ Mandy, thanks for another WK. You've reminded me of John Denver's Calypso. Perhaps you'd like to view this YT Cousteau video:


Thanks Ardy, I used to love watching Jacques Cousteau programmes when they were shown on TV - I find the colours and images from under the ocean amazing. I'm glad you're enjoying the previews!

That sounds amazing whatnauts, I prefer snorkeling to scuba - I get claustrophobic when I try to scuba dive! Thanks :~)

I'm happy you enjoyed the images Barb, I tried to link the 2 celebrations together by ensuring scuba gear was in the reef pictures!! Thanks

I hope that all Australians get the opportunity to explore the GBR, Kirsten, it certainly is one of the wonders of the world. It sounds as though your visit was perfect with lots of "entertainment". I was amazed as the blue starfish!! Thanks for sharing your experience here :~)


I can confirm that I've been to the GBR, Ardy! And it is singularly the most amazing thing I've ever seen in my life. We did a snorkelling tour a couple of years back. I'm repeating what I said on my puzzle, but it was like being in the most wondrous garden you can imagine, with the fish (depending on size), being like beautiful birds and butterflies. We also swam with turtles, reef sharks and a big groper who came up for a feed. He was amazing - and his skin felt incredible!! And you should see the blue of the giant clams. It's like the most electric cobalt blue you can imagine. (You'd love it Barb!)

We were told that snorkelling is the best way of seeing it, and the best parts of the reef are in quite shallow water. So you don't need to dive to see the best bits. So it was probably a good choice, whatnauts.

Sadly, it's also being badly affected by climate change. We were told that it might have another 20 years of life in it. That's very hard to take in.

Thanks for posting this Mandy! And thanks for letting me know about it, Ardy. :)))


Wonderful images to celebrate this special day, Mandy. My brother and sister in law visited this area a few years ago. Would love to have been with them. Thanks for another fascinating WK puzzle. :-)


I spent three days on one of the islands in the Great Barrier Reef about thirty years ago. It was incredible. I didn't scuba dive, but did manage some snorkeling :)


I have a book in the school library of The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau. Great photography as well. Thank you for the delightful images in your puzzle. I wonder if Kirsten has ever gone to the Great Barrier Reef. If I remember I'll ask her tomorrow. I do like these previews, Mandy. Thank you for both the puzzle and the preview.