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My Tara in Flagstaff, AZ

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I had Tara pose for me in her uniform. This was in 1998, I believe.


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Wonderful dog! Thank you for sharing her (memories) with us! I had not heard of Novice Draft Dog either. Thanks for the new information. And congratulations to both of you for being Pet Parners of the Year!!


When I was at the beach this fall, I found the most gorgeous Bernese. He weighed 140 lbs and was GORGEOUS. What a great dog! (of course he was with his human family)
Tara is just such a sweet beauty! Thanks for explaining the Draft. How cool is that?!! :)


Thanks for the information on the draft testing. I have seen some "weight pulls" for malamutes and Siberian huskys but they were strictly pulling weighted wagons/sleds over a specific distance/time. I'd like to see the Bernese at work now!

Thanks also for sharing your pictures and stories of Tara. Like your sunrises, cabooses and houses, she is becoming a part of the Jigidi family.


Bernese Mountain Dogs were bred in Switzerland (in part) to pull wagons for dairy farmers, etc., to make their deliveries. The dogs didn't compete with the cows for scarce grazing, like horses would. We like to train these dogs to perform their historic functions, and many breed clubs put on "draft tests" where the dogs have to show certain skills while pulling a wagon, like changing speeds, going through a kind of slalom course, going over bridges, up and down hills, etc. There are different levels of skills, with "Novice" being the first. Tara loved to pull her wagon in parades, and every Halloween she'd go to the "Harvest Festival" at our church and give "hayrides" around the parking lot to small children. The louder the children laughed, the more Tara would prance and wag her tail. She would have gone on beyond "Novice" if she'd lived longer.
I'll post more pictures in the coming days.


I am familiar with therapy dogs, one visited my mothers's home frequently. But, what is a Novice Draft Dog?
Tara was a wonderful dog. You were lucky to be part of her family, even if it was too short a period of time! :))


Well hello there Tara! You look quite smashing in that scarf today! Yes, quite smashing I must say!

She looks like my old Dixie....loved her too.


The great ones never last long enough JC but be happy you had a chance to know one of them. You have opposable thumbs? Where can I get some?


I had the drivers license and opposables thumbs. Tara did the work!


Jim doesn't mention that he and Tara won a Pet Partner of the Year award from Delta Society for their work as a therapy team.


Tara looks so sweet, and I bet she was very loving. She had to be if she was a therapy
dog. So sorry for your loss, been there many times over the years. My dog is 9
nine, and I really worry. My last dog lasted till she was almost 16. You probably
have many happy memories, and I am sure she is in heaven romping around
with all the other dogs.


I'll post more pictures of Tara in the coming days. She was a certified Therapy Dog and in 1999, she got her Novice Draft Dog title. She logged in hundred of hours in hospital, nursing homes and schools. She absolutely loved it!


Thank you jcaroll,Chickie was a beautiful dog, too bad that dogs don't live as long as their human friend :-((


Chickie, she was the best dog I have ever had. I was terrible at training her but she did everything and loved it! She rose to every occasion!


Love her :-)


I bet you miss her jc. Looks like a sweetheart.