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For Whatnauts .... Swirl City .... (S) ....

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Thanks, Shirley.... Reminds me of the striped and polka dot paint we put together way back when... Do you suppose we could paint fences with this.... Sure would brighten up the neighborhood.... :) :)


Love the rich swirly paint pots, the two on the left end are extra pretty, Thanks Sally. :):)


Me too, me too... Love raises, they're so elevating... I think you should have your very own puzzle with more than just a smidgen of red-violet.... The plot thickens.... :) :)) :)))


Hooray, some more red-violet, bottom of frame and in bottom left square. Love it! I'm so glad I decided to give you a raise my dear RS!


Glad you liked it ?nauts.... You can ask anytime... It's always good fun to try new swirl configurations... Have fun with the bigger one.... :) :)


Wow, SMOR, this is fantastic. Six swirls in a single puzzle - can't ask for more than that. Thank you.

I'll work the larger size tomorrow when I have more puzzle time :)))))))))


Thank you, Snooker.... :) :)

Thanks, 2D7C... What nice compliments, all those stars.... Thanks for pointing it out.... However did you solve it so fast... Impressive.... :) :)


Kirsten's right. Swirling paint pots it is. And look at that wall of stars!



It's a new department in Bunnings (ie. Home Depot)... They also have a striped and polka dot version.... Fun place to shop.... Thanks, Kirsten.... :) :)


Swirlariffic Sally!! I felt like I was looking down into paint pots - it looks so realistic!! Thanks so much! :)))