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9 Rectangles ... (Not.... XXXL)...

48 pieces
188 solves
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You are more than welcome QORE.... This time of year there's lots of chocolate to go around... As your RS, I will try make sure you get your share and more.... Christmas Hugs to you and yours, and an extra one for that sweet little Evie... :) :)


Second spot Whaty... Nice time!! The frames you like are part of the background layer style.... I know too much information.... Glad you liked it.... Have a Merry, Jigidi filled Christmas.... :) :)


Thanks Snooker, The 'Aztec' looking symbol, came from a group of shapes called 'Native American'. I don't know and Aztec from an Inca from an Apache.... So Aztec is close enough for me.... Hugs dear friend.... Have a Merry Christmas.... :) :)


Interesting and pretty too. Oh, and by the way thanks for sticking that chocolate square in there for me!


Very interesting puzzle and designs. I especially like the frames on the brown and blue boxes in the top row.

Neat! Like your little Aztec (?) god top left and of course the puzzle piece bottom right.


Thank you PJ.... I like the self embossing too... Merry Christmas.... :) :)


Fun puzzle and so nice to solve. Very interesting digital technique.