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Boathouses in Smögen, Sweden, by baengel (flickr)

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A MILLION DOLLARS!!!!!!! Are you serious? That can't be American dollars!! OMG!!!!!!!

Thanks ever so much 48! I'm happy to hear that. :-))

Yes Joyce, it's just to dive right into the water.... LOL. These old boathouses were originally made for smaller wooden boats (larger type of dingy) with a detachable mast. Nowadays people only have fishing gear, canoes etc in them. Many people have tried to convert them to summer living spaces - however that is not allowed. :-)) Boathouses like these can cost up to a million dollars (even if one can live in them).....


Looks like you step right out & into the water!!! Just how do you get the boats into these houses??? Thanks Kari!! :))))))))))
(time, 5:23)


how fun klnkln - sure enjoy your puzzles as well - thank you