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John Deere Pavilion

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Located in Moline, Il.

In 1837, John Deere, blacksmith and inventor, had little more than a blacksmith shop, a piece of discarded polished steel, and an idea that would help farmers, changing the face of agriculture for all time.
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Also known in NL. ☺♥☺


We have John Deere tractors mowers etc here in OZ too, Lyndee. A popular brand.


Thanks BK, Janet and Els. Yes, John Deere lawn mower is the top of the line.


My son was a John Deere man. Best kind.


Yes I think the yellow flowers might be Daylilies, Lunie.

I love the statue too, thanks Lyndee, and the gardens. hugs.


Nice looking statue.


Mowing that lawn was easier than the yard sale I had the next day! What a pain hauling everything out. Made about $120. Should have sold cold soda's from an ice chest. I'd have cleaned up!!


Lilies maybe, Lunie. ?
Hang in there Bungalow. :)


Oh...I tried! Believe me! I'll have it back by my days off coming up...thank God!
In Northern Virginia here & today is in the mid 90's! {choke choke}


Wonder what those yellow flowers are?


Too much work in the heat we've been having. I think I would hire me a neighbor boy!


Mine is at the shop getting a checkup! She's burning oil. Mowing 1/2 acre with a push mower with no self propelled is way too hard!


Hi Bungalow. We had a Deere for years and I love it but when it finally went bad, my hubby got a Toro and it's no fun to drive at all!!!!


I have an old John Deere! S82 with dethatcher attachment! :0)

Why this advertisement?