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My rescue horse soon after her arrival

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My friend had one like that but it was due to getting hung up in wire. In Texas they use barbed wire and the young ones get hung up in it some times. I had to cut the wire off her foot and it was in so deep it cut off the blood flow to the hoof. It took a few years of trimming the foot to get it to grow back and be useable. That poor horse was snake bit and almost had to be put down when her head swelled so much it almost cut off her air. Did not think she would make it to maturity but she did in spite of herself.


You did a marvellous thing, Varda!! I'm so glad on hers and your behalf!! I think you enjoy your mutual company deeply!! Thanks dear!


Having watched Animal Planet and seeing the condition of some of the animals they rescue, it's great to hear a story of one that has really recovered as much as she has.

giddyup...a beautiful animal


I'm so glad that there are people out there like you that have the resources and the love to rescue these horses! Thank you sooooo much! I wish I was able to do the same! God bless!

I am glad to know that she has improved dramatically. She is very fortunate to have you in her life. Thank you.


That's a relief, PP. A big relief to hear!


The picture is from several years ago when she was only about two. The leg has improved immensely and has since stabilized so that the defect is barely noticeable. She has no trouble frolicking around, changing leads, etc.


Thank you for your loving...bless you and her.

What a beautiful horse! May you both enjoy each other for many years!

The poor creature. Horses were made to run, gallop and frolic. It must be very frutrating for her.


Oh, the poor baby! It made me feel so badly for her. Does it hurt?


She had developed a contracted tendon which surgery was unable to correct. You see the result in her right front leg.