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Tibouchina flowers in the front garden.

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Tibouchina Alstonville was created in Alstonville, NSW, Australia - but the Tibouchina originated in Sth America and consists of some 350 varieties. It's considered a pest plant in Hawaii!


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Oh wow Mags!!! That's amazing!!! I've never heard of them having borers before and I'm glad we don't have that problem!! That sure was an expensive tree!!! The Hawaiian authorities said that the seeds spread grow very easily in the climate & it was outgrowing native species, so it was declared a pest for that reason!!!

It might be considered a pest because it gets infested with borer beetle? I have the pink one. Half the tree collapsed sideways very gracefully one day. The tree feller advised to keep it cut back as a shrub. Then one day I heard a cracking sound from the ceiling above me. Had it checked and discovered Borer!!! The house was built before treated timber was compulsory. Had to have the timbers in the roof of the whole house & outbuildings replaced! Wasn't cheap! Our whole Upper Highway area is just a mass of pink & purple at the moment. The pinks are more floriferous than the purple in our area. Strange that with you it's the other way round. Perverse plants or maybe they know they're Downunder?! ☺☺☺


I've had comments appearing after I've DEFINITELY checked for them this last 24 hours - how strange!!! There seems to be a bit of woo-hoo going on here!!!
Janet - I agree about the purple versus the pink colours - but the pink is nice, even if it doesn't put on as many flowers!! Thanks!

Thanks Maureen, Beekay & Dave!! I read that they seed really easily in Hawaii's lush climate Dave - so I guess they could be a real problem then!!


Nice! It wouldn't be a pest in my front yard!


So pretty! TFS ☺


Lovely colour and flower robryan!


Yes Neville, they can not take any frost...If yours is a hard freeze, they probably die in the roots too.... :(


That makes sense Barb - we never have frosts here - thankfully !!! It never goes below about 5C - 40F!!! Thanks!

Thanks Joanne! It does look a bit like curled ribbon!!

It's a strong colour Francamia - but look great when it's in full flower! Thanks!!

I think she's right Nev - that makes sense, as they are originally from Brazil, Mexico etc and the climate is probably pretty warm there!


I don't think the pale pink one is as spectacular as the purple one Rob. Cheers, Janet


Rob, I think Barb hit the nail on the head. We have shockers of frosts out here in the western suburbs, every Winter, without fail.


So delicate..........Thank you...


LOL!!!I'm pleased you liked it Dave:))) I can also post a Dandelion photo if you like :))))

What a shame Janet! We have 2 in the front garden, that has just started to open, & over-the-road has a pale pink variety which is in flower too.

Hi nels - that's a nice name for them!!! Ours grow easily here too and if left unpruned would get to about 4 metres tall! It's a bit of a messy tree - lots of small dry twigs fall, but I put up with that for the beautiful flowers!!! Thanks!

That's a shame Neville - maybe you have clay like Janet - it sounds like they don't like that soil type!! Thanks mate!!


What a pretty colour. The centre of the flower reminds me of when someone gets fancy when wrapping a present and uses the blade of a pair of scissors to curl the ribbon.


I grew one in Florida but it got zapped by frost almost every winter....Still grew back from the lowest parts of the branches and bloomed every summer and fall :) I love the flowers and the color :)
Yours are beautiful, Rob.....Thank you for the picture... (•‿•)


Gidday Rob. Marge & I have tried to grow a Tibouchina twice, in different locations, but both carked it. Just don't have any luck with them here, despite our love for these gorgeous bushes/trees. Superb posting. Thanks.

Here in America it is called "Princess Flower". In California they are easy to grow. Mine became a tree!!!!!!!


But considered very desirable in Queensland. They are beautiful and such a rich colour. I tried growing one but I don't think it liked our layer of clay. Thanks Rob, janet ♥ ♥


Hard to believe it would be considered a pest. When your up to your butt in snow even a dandelion would look good. Thanks for the puzzle Robin.