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Good night

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Will be praying for you Janet. It took us almost 3 years to get married because I was 15 when I met Bill. I was still in high school and had to finish first. That time together helped to let us really know that our love was strong and true. I've never regretted it. Hoping your situation will work out for you. I've been off for awhile, our beloved kitty passed away December 10th on our youngest son's birthday. I just missed him so much that I couldn't concentrate on puzzles. Have 7 pages of bookmarked ones to deal with. I'll get them going sometime. Hope you got everything you wanted for Christmas. I spent the day with my hubby watching Christmas movies. We had a great relaxing day.


I really appreciate you comment, Mike, and thank you for your thoughts and prayers...I have a feeling that your prayers are very powerful.. I really do.


well, what do you know. I thought maybe you were just kidding about meeting someone and it being love at first sight. I hope you think this through..and you should also listen to what your friends have to say about this. But most of all we all should be praying about this . Want you to be happy with the right person, and to be safe and sound as well.. :>)


I haven't seen you grgrma, for quite awhile on my puzzles...and I have missed you, and your sudden reappearance here - right on these puzzles, feels like you are bringing me a message that I am supposed to pay attention to! Does that make any sense? It feel like you are a messenger sent to me to help me become a believer in love at first sight...


grgrma, I see you on this puzzle...And something about you being on these puzzles tonight, with you own true love story of love and first sight..I feel somehow reassured by your presence that perhaps I shouldn't be so quick to say that what this geologist and I are experiencing is crazy... He says that he Knows what he wants and he knows that it is me, the one that he is going to marry!!


And sweet dream to you, too punkin...Thank you for stopping that I can wish you a Merry Christmas!


And sweet dreams.