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Chookies 1st Jigidi Anniversary

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A year goes very fast when you're enjoying something you love - JIGIDI!!! Thank you all for making it a lot of fun!


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I have no idea how I missed this one, my dear friend! Guess I was too involved hoping Robbos would win the race! You have made the past year so much fun, Chooks! Next year will be even more fun, I bet!


Yes, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY from me too! I was sure I left a message yesterday but I guess I didn't. Anyway, thank you for all the wonderful puzzles and notes!!


Happy Anniversary Chook....It's been a hoot:)


Congrats Chookies, I'm glad you did enjoy Jigidi. I'm glad we did meet. Thanks for all the fun and friendship.


Happy Anniversay Chookies....


I've been away most of today, so glad I didn't miss your Ist year Anniversary chookies, wonderful to have met another Aussie, and one with so many jigidi faces, I've enjoyed your puzzles and the fun, although I cannot participate fully I still have had lots of laughs, Thank you chookies and Happy 1st Anniversary.


Oh my, there's so many of my beautiful jigidi friends to thank - punkin, Gracie, Celeste, donna (another new name to me - glad to meet you donna), the orris's, rob and fodus - thanks all for dropping by and making my day:)


happy first anniversary, chookie and enjoy the next.


Happy 1st Anniversary chookie - you've given us a lot of laughs. Hope you have as much fun in the next 12 months!!


The orris's were born ready, chooks!!

Congratulations Chookies for the Anniversary. From, Donna.


Congrats and Happy Jigidi Anniversary Chookies.
It has been a pleasure to follow with the crazies.. giggles
o_O no offense.. of course


I hope to post my first jig if I can find it! I am always ready for more fun!


We celebrate every puzzle with you , Chookies! Happy Anniversary to you!!!!


Is that right, Gracie? I bet you're having more fun now days than you did back then, hey? You'll have to put up a jig for your 5 year anniversary because I think you deserve to! Ready for more fun?


Now where have you been roerick3? Another name I'm not familiar with! Obviously you've been following the fun - well there's a lot more to come and I hope you can join in with us. Glad you meet you:)


Congratulations chookies!! now I feel like the Jigidi antique, almost 5 years!


Congratulations, chookies and thanks for all of the fun you've given us.


Well hi there, morris and Jacques, thanks for dropping by with your good wishes. I hope next year the orris's will be in fine form and ready to rock, morris!!!


congratulations chookies!


Happy Anniversery, chooks!
Thanks for all the fun!!


Angelbender, if you think the snow shoveling was fun, just wait until Robbos gets back online and you'll KNOW what fun is all about!! And I hope you'll join in with the rest of us crazies!!!

Chookies, please add my congratulations to the rest. Thanks for the snow shoveling fun and for being an inspiration to a beginner like me. :-))


Why thank you all for your kind wishes - laurajane, gemstone and oddio - good to see you all:)


Happy aniversary, Chookies!


Congratulations...and CHEERS! :D


Wishing you a very happy Jigidi anniversary, Chookies. You post beautiful puzzles and you are lightening fast at solving them!


Thank you Francine and I hope so too, Kirsten (a fellow aussie)!!


JM, where did you pop up from? I don't think we've met!! Obviously you've been solving my puzzles and enjoying them - I'd like to thank you for that:)


Congrats chookies! I hope you have many more! :)))


Nice meeting you also lucy - I hope to see more of you too!


I would never had met you if it wasn't for Jigidi, chickie! It's been great playing along with you on this site, especially on our RIDES!!!


Congrats Chookies, thanks for all the great puz-pics, JM


That's great, have a good one, lucy


Congratulations chookies! It's been a pleasure playing on the puzzles with you!!!