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Okay, Deborah, get out your sunglasses!

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These puzzles were created from an image sent to me by Contomiani. Many thanks, Catherine.


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I'm envious!


Thanks Gail! And it is pretty nice to have a couple docs in the family!


That's too bad, Katie. At least it's good to know that, with two gastroenterologists in your family, you're in great hands. I find it really interesting how many Jigidi folks there are that have medical issues. I wish you the best.


My problem is with the sphincter itself. Where the bile duct and the pancreatic duct join together to become the common duct. It spasms, which is why the muscle relaxant works to some extent. I did research at a medical library and found that there's not much chance of surgery fixing the trouble. I also have two nephews that are GI specialists. They also do not recommend a surgical attempt. So I just live with having mild to moderate pain after eating.


Thanks, Deborah. I hope so too. Katie, I just did some reading about your issue. What I had sounds similar. Was yours in your liver or pancreas? Here's what I found:

"If the digestive juices are backing up in the bile ducts from the liver, the term is biliary dysfunction. If the backup is occurring in the pancreas, you may hear your doctor use the term ?pancreatitis.? This means the pancreas is becoming inflamed."

In 2008, I was hospitalized ten times for over a total of 100 days with chronic pancreatitis. Long story short, I had to have my gall bladder removed and my entire bilt duct resectioned. I was also diagnosed with something called pancreatic divisum that needed surgery. My doctors weren't sure I was going to make it, although I didn't know that until much later. I remember what I felt like, and I was so very sick. Couldn't eat, couldn't drink, couldn't anything. I was sent up to Seattle twice for surgery because there weren't any specialists here who could do the surgery. It was among the worst years of my life. I really feel for you, because I can imagine you must feel like I felt when you get flare-ups. I hope medication keeps it somewhat under control for you.


Thanks for the warning Gail! Hope the chiropractor can help you and that you get to feeling better soon!


I have something called Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction Type III. It's controlled somewhat with muscle relaxant.


You're welcome, Katie. I hope you don't have celiac disease; I heard that's a bear of a thing to control.


I love the ones that require sunglasses! Sorry you're not doing so well right now. I can relate to being in pain (I have a rare digestive disorder) and looking for things to keep the mind occupied. Thanks for finding Jigidi and making great puzzles Gail!


When I worked, I never had time for this kind of entertainment. The most I played online was solitaire and hearts. I played duplicate bridge for 25 years, so that was my entertainment. Once I became homebound, I started looking online for things to do, and Jigidi popped up. It's been a lifesaver for me, taking my mind off things most of the time. I don't know what I'd do without it, frankly.


Agreed re the skinny jeans. Wide legs are good for me.

I'm really sorry about the pain. I so hope the chiro can help. And I hope that burying yourself in puzzle creation and solving can help take your mind off it. I'm hoping REALLY HARD. :)))


And I hope that skinny jeans go by the wayside too.
Things only so-so. Pain levels very high once again. I see a chiropractor next week for the first time. I'm hoping she can help me. Thanks for asking. I almost didn't post tonight, but I slept so much today that I had to do something to keep me occupied.


WOW!! Thanks for the warning! The indigo blue bits kind of reminded me of acid wash jeans! Kind of wish I hadn't thought that really! Hopefully they are one fashion item that will NEVER come back. LOL

I hope things are OK in your world too, Gail. :)))