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Beautiful Bugosis In Fantabulous Frames #3......

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Poor old Squirty so no more flat squirrel for your dinner, why don't you scare those owls off then your bowl will once again be filled with bushy tail broth




WOOF!......So am I!.....


Dogdaze, keep your distance your rogue mutt.

Wicca, you're welcome to the road kill around here, but there isn't much any more. There used to be plenty of squirrels, and an occasional flat one on the county road for you, but last year a pair of owls moved into the woods which surround us. Now I see no more than one or two squirrels, where I used to see easily a dozen! And I found a whole lot of squirrel fur on the driveway one day over about a two-foot circle, but not one drop of (wasted) blood. Owls are very efficient.


pretty-little-dance......Yes, she had a body-double (with non-webbed feet) for any beach scenes......


Wait! Wait! Back to webbed feet.....Sophia Loren had them? And what would be wrong with that, anyway. Nobody in Italy would complain......or in Oregon, either!!


I like that song. It's all about "road kill".


So am I Dogdaze, but indeed for something else!!


I certainly am!.........Hello Squirty!......


Anyone still hungry?........


We sang: great green globs of greasy grimy gopher guts, mutilated monkeys meat, little birdies' dirty feet, great green globs of greasy grimy gopher guts and I forgot my spoon!

There was no room left for dessert after that meal...:-)


wot we having for afters? Not that yellow matter custard again I hope


Oh but we did, Dogdayz, here boy *whistles* M'sieur PSquire needs a reminder of the exciting things that have happened in Bugosiland boy, he's wearing your favourite legs


"Englebob got stuck in the revolving stone door and was crushed to death."

Now that's how to liven up Bugosiland!!! Let's have some more crushings and mutilations. Maybe some venomous snake bites. Hey! How 'bout a shark attack?

Great big gobs of gooey gooey gopher guts, concentrated birdies feet, mutilated monkey meat. All wrapped up in all-purpose porpoise pus, that's what we're havin' for dinner!

(Old YMCA summer camp song.)

lelabugosi answer to your first question - not very.......
as to the second question - they had a little fight with General Tom Thumb over some small matter, which was a big story in the press.....
Back-in-Bermuda.........Yes, that was Englebob's lasting legacy......


Lela I heard that Englebob took a chunk out of the door which is still missing today.......a great shame spoiling such a wonderful door like that!!


How tall were the diminutive Brothers? Did the ever double for the Little General Tom Thumb? The way they departed this world is quite sad.
I find Woody somewhat haunting, he looks to have either a sad lonely demeanor or be terribly shy.


messenger-with-a-letter.......I have never heard of a woman sixteen feet tall!...No,no,no.......she was only fourteen feet six inches.......(Englebobbert Jr. simply slept a lot as a child).....


I hate to say it, Mr. B, but unless the wife was some sixteen feet tall, I don't see how either could have been the father of Englebobbert, Jr.!.....


Englebert and Englebob's claim to fame would be to have participated in the construction of the Empire State Building, albeit for a short period (2 weeks-1 week each). They would have seen the project through if it hadn't been for their fear of heights, as when the building had reached 5 feet they both walked (or rather jumped) off, and were dismissed. They did everything together, and even married the same woman, resulting in the birth of Englebobbert junior, seen here with his 'daddies' (which was the father remains a mystery to this day). It was on a visit to the Coral Castle in Florida
that they both met their unhappy end. Englebert fell off one of the chairs and died instantly, while Englebob got stuck in the revolving stone door and was crushed to death......
Woody, who lived in the Galapagos Islands, was the result of a clandestine liaison between Auntie Mabel Bugosi and a certain 'Mr.DiLazzaro' which leads me to think that he could be the 'missing link' between the two clans.Note the strange toes, which could even place him as being the father of Sophia Loren herself (As it is a known fact she had webbed feet).....