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These are called Ice Cream Tulips, it was a picture sent to me in an email.


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Willy thanks, I found it, and I made a favorite of that side. They have great tips. I never saw this tulip, but I will try to find them. Else I can order it. It's really beautiful.
Pauline, then I don't think we met as kids, I grew up on the other side of town. I'm sorry you don't have other Dutch people around. But as you live already 60 years in Canada, you are more a Canadian. :-)) Hugs, see you.


Hoi Pauline, ik heb je vraag gelezen. Zo te zien is je vraag al beantwoord...leuk dat ladywil je heeft geholpen met het vinden van de naam van deze tulp. Het is een hele mooie tulp zo te zien..Ik zelf kende deze tulp niet.


Ank, moet je deze link proberen


Hi Ank, I am 69 years young and when we lived in Den Haag we lived on Acacia Straat. We immegrated in 1953, so 60 years in Canada already. I can still read Dutch as long as it is the Dutch of our generation. The Dutch of today, I cannot read. I get a Dutch newspaper and the contributors again of our generation, I know of what they speak, but the pieces that they copy directly from Dutch newspapers, I have no idea what they are trying to say. I have no Dutch friends or family living around me, so cannot practice speaking Dutch. A neighbour and friend of mine moved back to Holland after her husband died and she lives in Vriezenveen. Nice meeting you Ank. Hugs...Pauline


Hi Pauline and Willy. Sorry I was not correct. I did google it too and could not find it. I tried the link Willy, but I can't get it. That happens more with links in Canada or US. So I can't see it. But Pauline you are right they are very unusual. I was really convinced that this was photo shopped.
Funny 3 Dutch girls, talking English. Do you still speak and write Dutch?
I live in Leeuwarden (province Friesland) since more then 7 years. We moved to Leeuwarden when we retired, we came from Rijswijk. And yes I'm born in Den Haag. I'm 65 years. Maybe, who knows, we have met, as childs. I knew a few families in that time who went to Canada.


Thank you Ank and Willy for answering my question. Yes, Willy I also googled ice cream tulips after reading Anks answer and saw that you could buy them. Ank, I would like to see these tulips because they sure look like fairy tale tulips but I think they are very beautiful and unusual.
Where do you live in Holland Ank? I was born in Amsterdam, but lived in Den Haag till we emigrated to Canada when I was 9. I still have cousins in Apeldoorn.


I do not agree with Ank. They do indeed exit and you can order them online. If you google them, you will see more images.
I have never seen a tulip like that. It looks very pretty though.


Pauline if you go to the page "my puzzles". You can change the name of your puzzle. When you create the puzzle it has the name of the photo, you can delete it and give it a new name. After doing that you have to save. You can change the title and the information as often as you want, but you always have to save. greetings Ank.


Hi Pauline. My name is Ank, I live in the Netherlands. I saw you asked Eline for this flower. This is photo-shopped. There are many kinds of tulips, but they don't look like this. I think I like to taste one.:-)))


What a fabulous flower. And it has a perfect name too!!!


It's quite unusual, my thought was, after solving the puzzle, that I'd like to see one with my own eyes!


Isn't it beautifull, I had never seen tulips like this!