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Art - Tile - Red, White & Blue

28 pieces
53 solves
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This one somehow has a hint of a patriotic feel to it!


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Thank you Janet and Francamia for dropping by. Glad you enjoy the puzzles.
Thank you for that wonderful clip, jetmech. Truly amazing! Will share it with my cat loving friends.
Hi Marlene - no I don't make them, just colour them in. I add some lines to them sometimes. Thank you for love and meows!


Hello Nicky, Thanks For Your Great Comments, Great Photos/Puzzles,, I Love The Colours, A Lot Of Fun To Solve, Did You Make Them?, Well Done If You Did, My Dolls Keep Me Busy Sewing For Them and Dressing Them Up, I Always Loved Taking Photos. and Now With My New Camera. I Combine It All Together, [[MEOWS]] To Your Beautiful TASHA. Love To You Nicky.. Marlene.


Nicky,I'm sure you will be amazed watching this amazing video about this mama kitty and baby ducks.


You have quite a talent there Nicky.......Thank you.....


Wonderful Nicky, another lovely one, hugs, Janet


That is absolutely amazing, Jetmech! What a wonderful clip! I will share it with all my cat-loving friends! Thank you so much for thinking of me. Best Wishes to you from (almost sunny) England!


This has nothing to do with this puzzle Nicky but thought you would like it as your a cat person.