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Lost in Space

72 pieces
181 solves
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LOL! Whatnauts, you are indeed the token Jigidi space cadet. hehehe

Magda, I'll have to correct that situation soon, and create a puzzle with tertiary colors. It may not be for a few days, but at least eventually you won't have problems with the melting colors. LOL
And I thank you very much for your compliment(s). :-)


Flasic expressed exactly what I feel about your puzzles. I do know the names of the colors now, thanks to your explanation, but this melting of colors is what I find so difficult, and that is also one reason, among others, I love your puzzles.


Finally, a puzzle for space cadets. Thanks so much for thinking about me!!!! LOL


Pat, yes, you are a space cadet, and I have still never received the space puzzle you had posted a long time ago....the one with the cool space creatures in it....or space something_or_others. I loved that puzzle of yours.

And I did notice that you have THREE top spots all at the same time. You are definitely on a roll.


Oooops---make that 3! I'm sure the placements won't last, but it was fun to score a hat trick! :-DDD

Loved the effects here, and the title is perfect--by the way, does that make me a space cadet?! :-)))


flaslk, a BIG smile for you! I get the most solves on puzzles that are very easy to solve, and I admit that I like lots of solves on my puzzles. It means that people wanted to solve them. But once in awhile I feel compelled to create one that's not so easy. I'm so glad you noticed. :-)

Great puzzle! It is difficult to find puzzles with many colors that aren't quite easy to assemble. Normally one just "traces" the colors and the puzzle is easily solved. Not so with this puzzle, the colors migrated, and the 'stripes' were beneath the main body, forcing the builder to think more clearly. I enjoyed this puzzle very much. Thank you, Wendy 13.