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49 pieces
135 solves
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Mandy, since I don't know monicaarmintrout, it didn't bother me that Camelot beat her....and in fact, I hadn't even noticed. LOL


He also beat monicalongname who is tied with me!! LOL


Geeeeez, Mandy. I just noticed that rotten Camelot beat you by two seconds. What was he thinking? No Christmas spirit!


Barb, exactly! Some of my very favorite puzzles that I've created don't have that many solves, or at least not compared to some that I didn't like much at all, but did exceedingly well solve-wise.

Katie, this is a boxed set, so if you would like to purchase the two, you'll have to put out the money for all 25 of them. I suppose you could give the additional 23 to people you like.

Mandy, I'm glad. :-)


and I love this one!!! Thanks :~)


Wendy, I love this one! I guess it just goes to show the varied tastes of jigidiers. I want the ornament that's in the far left column, second from the top. Fabulous colors there!


Wendy, I'm often surprised at how puzzles that have no appeal to me get so many solves and some of those I consider more beautiful have few solves. It's a mystery to me. :-))


Barb, I'm glad that someone other than me also likes this puzzle. I'm surprised that two of my other ones have twice as many solves already and they were posted AFTER this one, and I like this one just as much, if not more so than them. Go figure!


Lots of lovely pastel ornaments here, Wendy, thanks. :-)