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I took this picture on Sunday in West Vancouver.


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Thanks for the update Rob. I'm glad your place wasn't flooded. Hope you get those sunny days!! I hope we get some too!


We usually get summer rains where we are - but we've had lots & lots this year & very bad flooding in quite a few towns. Some have had two severe floods only 4 weeks apart that have caused lots of damage , not only to houses but bridges, roads & businesses along the riverfronts. Can't wait for some sunny days to dry things out!! Luckily we don't get flooded where we live!
Down south further where chookie lives in Adelaide, they have been getting temps in the high 30's but Brisbane has a sub-tropical climate with humidity rather than high temps. Bring on Autumn:)))


Hi Rob! Sorry I missed your note. So it's still very hot in Australia and very wet!! As your summer ends do you usually get lots of rain? I guess after a hot summer all the plants need a nice long drink!!

Hi Gladstone! Thank you for your note. Is it still winter in Saskatchewan ? Do you see some signs of spring?


Thank you for your flowers picture.


Wow! Your temperature was 22F (or -5C) ... that's cold!! Your poor daffodils!!


My daffodils are 6 inches high now...was nice and warm yesterday then had 22* this a.m. in E. Wa. state.


Nice happy faces popping up Cathy! We have 25C today - & can't seem to shake the wet weather off! It's been a very wet end to summer & all we want is some nice clear sunny days for a change. We've had 320mm (13 inches) of rain in the last 2 weeks!


Thank you Jacques and Laurajane, my two stars!! I'm glad you enjoyed this puzzle!


My daffs are trying to come up but get beaten back by the snow. These are so pretty and refreshing, Cathy!


they are georgeous!


Thank you Ank! I'm sorry you are having more winter weather. But hang in there because Spring is coming!!! I hope your PC is having a good rest!!

Hi Lorna! Yes, I love all these messengers of spring!!

Thank you Suzy. In so many places winter is reluctant to leave this year, isn't it?!


Daffodils framed by grasses. Wonderful! We got a bit of snow today....still waiting to see green here!


A welcome sight!


Hi dear, we had a few days Spring, but it´s gone, It´s cold. We will have frost again next week. They think minus 10. brrrrr. and Sunday will be bad. start with rain, then glazed frost, sleet and snow.

Strangely there is something wrong with my punctuation, I think my PC is tired, needs bed. lol
love the flowers, thanks


Hi smllpkg! Yes, Spring is on the way. Thank you for your note!


May favorite spring blooms! Thank you, cevas. Soon, there will be some real ones around here, not just pretty pictures. I hope!


Thank you Denise and Lucy. It's only 3C (about 38F) here this morning but it's sunny!!


THanks for a peek at spring


Lovely Cathy :-)))


Thanks Jim. They are coming up in my garden too but they haven't bloomed yet.


Nice one, Cathy. The daffodils are just starting to come up, here!