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The Boiling Point of Frustration!

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Since last November we have been been living with our kitchen like this. If there was ever a reason to curse this is one of them.
It's a battle between the Insurance co. and the contractor. The wallet is still on Ice.
Maybe today? I'll Hear something?
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Yes, I can see what you mean, it is difficult to tell.

looks like a pocket door to the left of the picture.

I do remember this picture
can't say if this space is part of an older home or a newer building. Juat a guess either way.


I remember the ex putting the turkey in the oven Thanksgiving morning and discovering it had given up the ghost and wouldn't light. As we had family coming for dinner, she was frantic. I told her not to worry as our camper parked in the driveway had an oven. Took a tad longer cooking with propane, but mission accomplished. Have also had to use the Coleman stove when doing some minor remodeling in the kitchen.


It was 7 months to the day when finished. The reason was the mold had to be cleared before reconstruction.

Wow! Someone surely needs a swift kick in the backside. Send the companies involved to FB
If their other customers see the shady deal they are pulling, they will drop out of their contracts.
You know what I mean???


Bluebonnet, I'm assuming from your user name, you're from Texas. I'm sorry it took the joy out of it for you. I understand totally what you mean.

Let it out, Ken!


Well I don't want to speak badly but ........ !@$!%%#&*


A few frazzled nerves? My husband still talks occasionally about hiring a hit man! Seriously, though, the experience really ruined our joy at having the new (to us) house in a great location. By the end, we just wanted the workmen gone, so we settled on a few things that still bother us today. Arrgh.


Four months? That is inexcusable! I hope you get answers soon, good luck.


I'll bet you had a few frazzled nerves by the time you were all done. How do these people get jobs?


After our remodel, our new induction cooktop did not work. Sears replaced it; the replacement did not work. We called our contractor and asked them to send someone out to check the wiring. They sent the same guys who had installed the thing; they couldn't find any reason why it wasn't working. Got a third replacement from Sears. It didn't work. I called the contractor again and told him there was no way we had received three lemons in a row. I had to insist that he send out an electrician—a diffferent subcontractor—to check the wiring. The new guys came in and found and corrected the problem within five minutes.

Meanwhile, we had been without a stovetop for more than three months. I bought an electric skillet and we lived on pan-fried and microwaved foods for more than three months.


You've got my sympathy, Ken, and I can imagine your frustration. What a lousy position the insurance co. and contractor have put you in. I hope the situation finally gets resolved, and gets resolved pronto. ♥︎


I am so sorry to hear this. That kind of stuff can really wear a person down. I should send my hubby to help you. He is good at making calls until he gets results. They would get tired of hearing from him. How are you able to make meals without the stove?


How frustrating for you and your family. I don't know how you coped at Christmas, I assume the contractors were called in by the Insurance Company not you. I really hope you hear some good news today Ken. ♥


You have my sympathy! If your insurance co. is paying, obviously this was the result of damage to your house, not an optional remodel, so our situations were/are different. But when we bought an older home that needed work, we experienced literally years of frustration caused by three different contractors we hired sequentially. They are all heartless and stubborn and have no regard for the client. I hope your stalemate is broken soon.

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