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Pal doesn’t like social distancing.

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Thank you, Returner! I feel lucky to have them. Pal was indeed lucky; turned out he was seriously ill and would not have gotten care where he was. The vet actually recommended I euthanize him but I kept trying, and look at him now!


Petey and Pal were very lucky youngsters when you accepted them both!


The person I got the boys from said they were from different mothers but had the same father. They were born 6 days apart. I have no way of really knowing but have always said they are brothers. I had only intended to get one cat. The first one absolutely picked me so I said okay, let’s go. But he kept going back to get the other one, so I ended up with Petey also! They adore each other and I’m so glad they have each other for company. And I truly couldn’t have a better little Pal.


Are Petey and Pal from the same litter or just a coincidence they're the same age?


Trish, Petey and Pal will be 9 years old shortly. I wish I could keep them babies! Well, maybe not babies. I had forgotten how crazy kittens are until KC came along!


Nice to see one of your cats as a puzzle Peggy. How old is Pal? He looks a bit like my grandkids cat. Thanks for this puzzle.

Mine are giving me a high 6. They are polydactyl rag dolls.

Don't know many that do! ☺☺☺


They are gently holding paws together.


DizzyDame, I see that, also. I think they know when we need their purrs.

Mine don't either. All have been more "snuggly" of late! Diz

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