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Beach Towel

30 pieces
58 solves
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These puzzles were created from an image sent to me by Contomiani. Many thanks, Catherine.

Katie, I had already titled this one before I saw your comment on my other puzzle. I guess great minds think alike!


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I'll bet it will, lela.
Jenna, yep, Twilight Zone music.
Katie, all at once now ~ we hate Kirsten, 'cause she has summer.....
Mary, perhaps people need to get more imagination in Florida!


Must be a West Coast beach towel. Though I admit it looks like one, ours over on this coast are rectangular with only 4 sides! LOL 2:23 Thanks, Gail!


Great puzzle Gail! And it certainly does seem that we may be in the Twilight Zone!!! Kirsten has beach weather, and we're just wishing.


Nice texture. Twilight Zone?


This will take Bonga-Bonga beach by storm!........


Doo doo doo do, doo doo doo do....


We must have a mind meld going on. I didn't see Kaitie's comment. But this afternoon, I just added to my "potential items to kaleido" list beach towels!! Cue the the X Files music!! Too strange. LOL