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Circles Behind Bars

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Dear Maddie, I soooo apologize for missing your comment. This is the second time that I didn't get a notification when you made a comment! Luckily, I checked once more.

Chuckling, yes, having the flu is shit. I don't get a flu shot, but I do get the flu. I used to be so healthy. Now I'm afraid that all a flu shot will give me is more flu. I can't believe how many times I've gotten it in the past few years. Anyway, the one good thing about this flu is that it's not nearly as bad as the other ones I've had. I cut out almost all sugar and all coffee, and I think that's the why.

Yes, I could be your mother.....albeit a young one.

I like your thinking. Thinking about what you have is important. Sometimes I have to think about that too. Your kids sound like mine, except that mine are much older (24 and 28) and still living with me. But they'd love to be able to be independent and live on their own. It's just not in the cards right now. Jobs are scarce in my neck of the woods. My son has a steady income but it's not enough to live on his own without sacrificing a lot of things. And my daughter wrecked her car so she had to quit her job recently. Other than that, they are fine adults, smart, full of humor, and compassionate.

I'll try not to be too sick.

Take care as well, dear Maddie. :-)))))))


Oh Wendy I hope you get well real soon. Having the flu is do you put it..? Having the flu is shit.. I get a flu shot every fall, in fact I have to get it this afternoon. In Holland, everybody over 65 gets one, and people who have asthma or cardiac problems or other stuff get one too. Is it the same in the States?
I'll be 50 in January..So, age-wise, you would be a very young mother to me :)))) But of course, it could be possible, 16 years difference..

And for the rest, oh Wendy.. I'll just have to take those bumps in the road, my kids already have to miss their father, and although I'm not a great mother, I know they shouldn't have to miss me too. So, I'll just go on, taking it step by step, hoping for better times, try not to think too much of what I don't have anymore, but of what I still have, 2 great intelligent children, they're fun to be with (most of the time,haha), and they will probably grow up to be fine adults, smart, full of humor, independant, compassionate... And that really makes my life worth living..

Amen..... LOLOL :)))))))

Take care Wendy, don't be too sick!!!!


Hi dear Maddie. I don't think this showed up in my notifications so I missed your reply until just now when I checked again. Plus I've been taking a break from Jigidi.

How old are you? I thought you were in your 40s. I'm 66.

Think about this, Maddie. If you're anything like me, you've gone through physical and emotional pain, and come out of it. And life really is worth living.....even with all the 'bumps in the road.'

I thought I had a cold, but now I'm thinking it's the flu again. If I have one more bout of the flu, maybe life isn't worth living after all. LOL



Wendy, you are so sweet.. But !! You must be younger than my mother...She will be 80 in two weeks, and I never see you as an almost 80-year-old lady. I always thought you to be 60..or 60something.... I guess maybe I'm older than you think.. But okay, I understand the part of wanting to mother someone (me??)... I'm a mother too, and, like all the mothers in the world, I worry about my kids. When Denise is sad or anxious about something, I also tell her that it will be okay, everything is gonna be okay.. And when Sieb, my son, has a problem, I comfort him too, saying that it will be okay... It's them, my children, who keep me alive...
But you said something, that is very often used as just a phrase... But maybe I should try to think like that more often.. "Things can't get any worse.." Things will get better..I have to believe that. Thank you so much Wendy, for saying such a simple thing to me. I'll try to think it, and believe it !!!!
Thank you for your kindness .. Take care !!!


Oh my dear Maddie. It's funny, strange, and odd that you and I see things so differently, and yet really appreciate each other's creations.

1. I think yours are bolder and much more eye-catching than mine. You're right though, that yours are 'messier' but what you call messier is what I call more free-spirited and natural.

2. I have never thought of yours as being created out of laziness......never.

3. You've mentioned to me before that you get depressed and I so feel for you. I used to get depressed a lot. Somewhere along the way I stopped being depressed. I think I'm your mother's age and I want to mother telling you that things will be ok. Long, long ago I thought about suicide often and what kept me alive is knowing that things couldn't get any worse. They could only get better. And that's what happened. Now I'm thankful that there are lots of things that are great about being alive. Once in awhile I get a tinge of depression but it's always the same in the end. Things get better.....and better.

4. Well, I love MANY of your puzzles as you well know. Now I'm laughing. It's really funny that you would want a wall of my images and I'd want a wall of yours. Just smiling. :-)))))))))))))))


Wendy, I'm very tired, so myresponse will be not so well written..
1. Yours are bold too !!! Very much ! Yours are "cleaner" , sometimes, I wish I could work as clean as you can, but I'm messy.. Some images HAVE to be clean, and I try, spend a lot of time on it, and then I see a puzzle you made,and I think I might as well go home.. :)) But , all of your puzzles are bold !

2 My simplicity = perhaps my laziness, combined with a childish style ..

3. It doesn't always come naturally to me. Sometimes I have to sweat, days of "painters'block" , becoming cranky and unhappy because during days I can't seem to be able to create anything I like, I get very negative about a thousand things, and specially about myself..

4. I love many MANY of your puzzles.. You're the pro, as far as I'm concerned..You know the flower puzzle, I commented on today (or was it yesterday??). I loved it SO MUCH !!!!!! I'm feeling rather depressed lately, and I saw your puzzle, liked it, solved it,and the beauty of it made me smile !!! Okay, you probably think : big deal.. But for me it was important, it really changed my mood at that moment.. I love them so much, your flowers.They are ALWAYS the best you can get. You always choose exactly the right patterns and colors and combinations, they're just perfect.....You wrote again about something hanging on your wall (you are crazy !), but I'd LOVE to have a complete wall, filled with your flowers, I really mean that...........................
So, Wendy , thanks again for making me smile !!!!!


Maddie, I really like this one, but I REALLY like yours more. In answer to your question about this being a contest- NO, of course it's not a contest. Actually, I have seen other puzzles of yours that remind me of something I made in the past but don't bother mentioning. I just think that you and I really like experimenting and we're both bound to come up with some things that are very much alike. What I especially like about your puzzles is that there's a simplicity, 'freeness', and boldness that most of my puzzles lack. Like I said before, yours and Wammetje's puzzles are the ones I'd want to hang on my walls. I have rarely made a puzzle of mine that I'd want to hang on my walls.

I almost think that I get too carried away when I create puzzles....but that's the way I am. I appreciate how you can get to the 'essence' without having to work at it. It comes naturally to you.

And that's for sure right. I know that I love many of your puzzles, and I know that you like at least some of mine. :-)))))))))


Wendy, This one IS great !! The balls make it funnier..
But it's not a contest, is it ? We just like each other's puzzles very often.. ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺


whatnauts, I always try to make sure that you can solve puzzles with the least amount of frustration- I make them easy just for you. NOT! LOL


Oh, Judy, you're a woman after my own heart. I loved going to bars/nightclubs. Ask Mary to give you some dance lessons. She doesn't charge much. LOL


I like bars, but don't frequent them anymore. Now I can relate to disorderly conduct and ring around the collar laundry problems--don't have enough money to launder, so I guess that means we all identify with your excellent "as is" puzzle in our own ways. I'm sorry I can't dance but would if I could to celebrate all of your contributions of late. I am grinning wholeheartedly. It just isn't the same without you. So, create undeterred knowing we're going to love it! (I found the puzzle hard, but that is a big plus for my taste.)


Well then Wendy, it's a good job they are behind bars... we can't allow unbecoming circular conduct on Jidigi, or undeterred laundry!!! Good job PC Wendy!!!


It's a shame these circles are in the slammer, but it was easier to solve because each one was in it's cell.


Hester, every day that I've been back I've thought of you, and thought that I just have to visit you....but every day I find myself being farther and farther behind. The only 'places' I've visited lately are those where a person has left a comment here...and that's because the person has reminded me that they exist. LOL Anyway, I knew you existed....and still do, and I'll visit you soon. I hope Growly and Freddy have been enjoying themselves. I haven't forgotten to make a puzzle for dear Dingbat. ;-)
I didn't know that you also do happy dances. Has Mary been teaching you the steps? What? No handstands and cartwheels? I could never do a proper I can understand you not doing one of those, but come on. Handstands are fun. LOL

Pat, mariasha, and Barb, I'm glad that you guys apparently enjoyed solving it. I never got it to where I wanted it, but time was running out so it's posted 'as is.'

Mandy, they were charged with Disorderly Conduct....and also with running Rings where money was being laundered....without the proper detergent.


What are those poor circles charged with Wendy... ???


I was slow too but enjoyed solving all these circles and pretty colours. :-)

I was way slow...but had a good time...thanks Wendy.


Excellent, cool, splendid--loved it, Wendy!


Wendy, I hadn't realised you were creating again! My bad! :-((( Look at all the fun I've been missing! Actually I haven't been solving as many as I used to. But your hand must be better so that is wonderful! Doing the happy dance! And handstands! And cartwheels!.....ok, so maybe just the dance! LOL!