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Good Day Sunshine! (small)

36 pieces
85 solves
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I am so glad you enjoyed them, Diane. That is the best thing of all! Thank you.

Each one is wonderful Thank goodness I don't have to make a choice-couldn't do it. Thank you DIANE


Thanks so much, Gail! And thank you for your sweet comments.

I am SO glad to hear that Norton is home and feeling so much better. Diabetes can be dealt with! :)


Jan - :D


This puzzle is pure sunshine, Jan. It's wonderful and as unique as you are.


Does look like sunshine. It is pass 6 pm and is getting dark now.


Love your terminology, PJ. Thank you for the warm comments!


Jan - and I enjoy this collection of 'delightful joy', a warming experience....


Ank - We all seem to love our sunshine, don't we! (Micky included!)

Katie - So sorry! BRRRR! I'm cold just reading that temperature. We have hazy sun, but no rain! Glad you liked the unusual kaleidos, too!

Jim - I adored the Titles and the puzzles to go with them in your set today! just plain, WOW!

Mimi- Thank you so much, my dear! I am so glad you liked them!!


Each one is a gem my friend, I love them all, thanks!


Love how vibrant the colors are. I have a color deficiency so it's hard for me to due darker shades. Your's are so fun for me to do. And I see we're both on music titles today. Thanks Jan.


Gorgeous OFC background Jan! I love the diversity in design here. I have sunshine, but it's not giving us any heat today. It's 9 F right now - brrr! Thanks for the happy song to hum today!


Right, sunshine, love it Jan. And I made the board too. 2:07. wow


Thanks, JC!!

Michelle - don't talk about hunger. Today is weigh-in day and I am hoping for a landmark number! Glad you liked the kaleidos!! :D))

Chailie - Can't be boring! Thanks for the comment!

Pat - I just can't seem to get them out of my head. So, I like to share! I am glad you like the kaleidos!! I am trying to get back to basics, at least occasionally, and for me that is kaleidos.! Thank YOU!


I really can't say why, but a couple of these remind me of elaborate sushi and japanese crackers. I've never even seen blue sushi and wouldn't eat it if I did! LOL


I'd say that these were perfect--after all, the colors are gorgeous and there are so many wonderfully different designs--if only a song title hadn't accompanied them...... Drats, Jan! LOL!


Love the bright red background.

puzzaddled've got me hungry! With the citrus and blueberries and that beautifully plated fruit salad on the upper right.... gotta go eat!

Really wonderful kaleidos too, Jan! :-))


Another fun one, Jan!