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I'm the, I'm the Boss!!

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Rainbow Lorikeets at our back yard feeder.
They never fight - just a quick 'look' and squawk - and it's back to feeding!

Brisbane, Australia.
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Thanks so much Cathy - much appreciated :))))


Rob, I LOVE your lorikeet pictures !!!!!!


That's a shame Lunie - I guess they didn't feel safe with more people around:((


when there were no occupants yet in the other apts. birds usually visit us every morning at the they just disappeared after people have showed up in the apartment units.


Thanks snooker & Florrie - way to go Boss:))) LOL!!

Glad you can get such great photos of them. They are so appealing.


Thanks Floyd - I never tire of them:))

I'd just filled the dishes with a bread/water/honey mix Lunie, and they were working out who should feed first:))) even though there are two dishes to feed from:))) Bird brains!!! It never lasts long though!! Thanks!!


What are they so engrossedly talking about? Lovely birds...


Beautiful and great to see.
Thanks Rob.


Not even the other birds like the Noisy Miners or the Crested Pigeons get into a fight either Janet - which is nice :))) Thanks !!

They sure are fun to have around smllpkg - thanks:)))


I love these colorful birds!


Fabulous photo, thanks Rob. Yes sometimes one of ours gets pushed off, but they come straight back and everyone goes back to feeding. Hugs, Janet


No Barb - I've never seen them get serious - it's usually over in about 2 secs:))) Just a loud screech and a 'look' is all it takes!! Thanks :)))


They don't fight? WOW! I always knew that parrots are smart but if they don't fight, they are even smarter than I thought! I hate when animals fight.....Thank you Rob for this :)


LOL!! Thanks Daffy:)))

They're here all year round Lyndee - but there are not quite as many lately - maybe because all the spring blossoms are out and they're primarily nectar sippers:))))

LOL!! It would too Beekay - I didn't think of that:))) Thanks!!!

I'm the same way Griosal - and I see them every day:)))) You never know what they're going to get up to either:)) Thanks!!

Their colors never cease to amaze me


What a wonderful card this would make! TFS☺


Do you have them all year long Robyn, or is it just a spring/summer thing????


Like some of the ladies at a hen party. Cute one and beautiful birds. Thank you Robryan.

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